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How to Read WhatsApp Messages without Seen Blue Ticks

If you want to read WhatsApp messages without letting the sender know without any software then yes it is possible to Read WhatsApp Messages without Seen Blue Ticks. In this post, I am going to share with your some WhatsApp tricks that I have tried. I know sometimes we are in situations when we want to show off others I have not interested to read your messages but in actuality, we don’t want to miss any single message from someone. Below are different ways to read WhatsApp messages without opening or notifying the sender.

As you may have noticed, every time WhatsApp messages are opened, a blue mark appears along with the message, indicating to the sender that the recipient has seen or read the message.

This is a really great feature to make sure the sender’s message is conveyed and seen by the receiver. However, sometimes you may have your own reasons why you don’t want to tell a particular person that you have read their message. In such cases, you can Read WhatsApp Messages without Seen and Blue Ticks mark.

There are four methods which I am going to discuss here. One is my favourite method I don’t know anyone else using it or not but I found it and I am still using it. 😛

1. Read WhatsApp Message through the Notification bar

This is a common method and almost everyone knows about it. If your setting does not disabled then by default when you received messages on WhatsApp a notification appears on the notification bar. you can drag down this bar and read easily WhatsApp messages without the sender knows and there will be no seen mark or blue tick appeared.


Read WhatsApp Message through the Notification bar


In some smartphones, messages appear offscreen where you can easily read those messages.


02. By Searching Username

This is my favourite method and I personally use it. You can read messages from anyone without knowing the sender. There are no special settings it’s just a trick to read Whatsapp messages secretly without blue ticks. For this purpose, when you receive a message from someone then you need to type the name of that person in other words type in the search bar the conversation name (contact name). You can see the last few messages of the sender.h

One thing bears in mind is that don’t click on that messages just search and read messages. If you/ click on searched messages then the conversation will be opened and the sender will know his/her messages have been seen. So be careful.


03. Turn on Airplane Mode and Read Messages

By using this method you can read messages of WhatsApp without blue ticks.

Do not open WhatsApp immediately after receiving the notification, open the settings to enable the first Airplane mode. This will turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection and then you will be able to open the WhatsApp offline. After reading messages, close the app and disable Airplane mode.


04. Disable Read Receipts

Read WhatsApp messages with a single tick (No double tick) by disabling read receipts is a very authoritative and straightforward way if you do not want to tell the sender that you are actually reading the messages. However, you may not even know that someone has read your messages. To disable read receipts on WhatsApp, go to WhatsApp settings and tap on Accounts. Now, tap on the Privacy option and open the Red Receipts.


How to disable read receipts in WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp and Tap the 3 dot icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Select the settings option and then tap on Account  (Settings>Account>Privacy)

After that, you will see the screen as showing in the below image and turn off the read receipts.


disable read receipts in WhatsApp


Now you have done.



Bonus Tips:

Here are some unofficial methods which you can use by your own risk. In these methods, you need to use third-party apps in order to read WhatsApp chat without seen or blue ticks.

Mod WhatsApp Apps:

There are many Mod apps are available on the internet which are providing smart features as compared to the original WhatsApp. These mod apps work similarly to Whatsapp but there is a high risk of data. These apps are not secured as WhatsApp is.

Basically, WhatsApp Mod is a modified version of the original WhatsApp application of the app, which includes hiding typing statuses, hiding recording audio statuses, hiding statuses, and many more features. It also has other features like you can turn off the blue mark if you read a message that someone sent you while you can still see the blue tick read on their message.


List of Some Modified WhatsApp Applications (MOD WhatsApp)

Here is the list of some Moded WhatsApp. I don’t recommend you to use it but you can use it by your own risk.

  1. GBWhatsApp
  2. WhatsApp Plus
  3. YOWhatsApp
  4. FMWhatsApp
  5. WhatsApp Gold
  6. Fouad WhatsApp
  7. WhatsApp lite
  8. WhatsApp Prime
  9. NSWhatsApp
  10. WA Tweaker
  11. OGWhatsApp
  12. HMWhatsApp
  13. WAPWhatsApp
  14. Aero WhatsApp
  15. Others


Use “Unseen App”

If you don’t want to use above mentioned methods then you can use this third party app called “Unseen App”.

  1. Download this app from Google Play or click here
  2. Open the Unseen application on your android phone after installation.
  3. On the popup that appears, tap OK to give notification access to the Unseen app.


noitfication access in android


Turn on notification access and management feature. In different android versions, it might be different.


notification accessa allow


After granting access any new WhatsApp messages you receive from your contacts will appear in the Unseen app. This will allow you to read all your WhatsApp messages without creating blue markings, even though the message has been read in the Unseen app.

I hope you found this article useful if yes then don’t forget to appreciate my work by sharing this post.






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