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How to Increase Battery Life of Infinix Mobile – 8 Personal Tips

Everyone wants to have a long battery life of an android phone as well as an iPhone. A long-lasting battery is very important nowadays. We spend a lot of time on smartphones due to social media like WhatsApp, Facebook and business-related activities. I am an Infinix mobile user and I know Infinix has the best battery timing in android phones. I have been using it since 2015 I experience it multiple times related to battery issues as well as charger issues. I would like to share my own experience in this post How to Increase Battery Life of Infinix Mobile.

Infinix and TECNO mobile manufacturers add extra mail to give you the best battery life on the market. Furthermore, these mobile device brands come with other features of battery saving, such as power-saving mode and ultra power saving mode, to ensure that you can extend the battery life as long as You need.


Some Tips about Infinix Charging

Before going to our main topic of How to Increase Battery Life of Infinix and Tecno we need to understand some points reading charger and charging of Infinix mobiles.

According to my own experience always try to charge Infinix and Tecno phones with the original charger and use the original cable. Try to avoid the use of Infinix charge with other android phones. Similarly don’t use data cables with other phones.

Do not fold your cable and always keep it in a cool place. If your phone is not charging properly, you can try different chargers and see if the other cables are working. You can also try using your charger with a different phone to see if your cable is faulty.


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Life of a Battery

Batteries are the ultimate component in a smartphone because it stores the energy that makes things work on the phone. The phone’s battery weakens depending on how long you’ve been using your phone. Sometimes the battery can be damaged or damaged. At this point, you’ll need to go to the Carl Care Service Center to replace the battery.


Tips to Increase Battery Life of Infinix Mobile

Now we come to our topics in this section I shall share some tips about extending the battery life of Infinix and Tecno mobiles. Techno is also a brand of Infinix so these are almost the same.


1. Use Original Cable & Charger:

As earlier I have mentioned above and now again original charger and cable really matter for Infinix smartphones. If you use other chargers then Infinix will stop charging or the charging speed will be affected. I have my own experience I used my charger to charge other android phones and after that my cable stop working even I cell charging speed was 1 hour per 10% of charge. Mean in 60 minutes only Infinix was charged 10%.

So using the original charger and cable is very important to keep the battery in good condition which is essential for to increase the life of Infinix battery.

2. Disable Phone Master App:

First thing you should do is that if your Infinix model allows you to disable phone master built-in third party application then must disable this app. The benefit of disabling the Phone master application is that you will get rid of useless notifications such as. hot games, hot searchers etc.

3. Turn off GPS and Bluetooth

Both of these functions require a great deal of energy. When left unattended, they can seriously deplete your battery power. If you don’t need Bluetooth and GPS function, always remember to turn it off. You’ll be amazed at how long your battery lasts when both are off.

4. Use App Freezer

Infinix and Tecno have an awesome built-in features called freezer this app freezer feature is used to freeze the unnecessary applications. Unnecessary means which apps are not used regularly. I love this feature and use it a lot. I always disable apps that are not needed to use often is this way battery life is extended and fewer notifications.

Infinix App Freezer


05. Identify apps battery draining Apps

Some apps on your phone can shorten your battery life. You can find out which apps are depleting your battery by going to the battery status feature. Here, you will find all the apps that take away your power. If you’re not actively using apps, you can disable them to prevent them from running in the background. This will help extend your battery life.

06. Use Battery Optimization Feature

Do you know Infinix Mobile is providing a battery optimization feature? By using this feature you can control the background working of applications and notifications as well. These things also help to increase the battery life of your android phone.

For this purpose, you need to go in setting and battery and then App optimization and then Battery Optimization.  (Settings>Battery>App Optimization>Battery Optimization)

Settings may be a little bit different in your model.


Infinix Battery Optimization


battery optimisation in android




07. Disable sync settings

In order to extend your android phones battery life like Infinix Sync is important for most people because it allows them to sync various services like email to all their devices. While this feature is simple, it is also a serious battery extractor. If you need to make your phone’s battery last longer, you’ll need to disable the sync function.

08. Use the power saving mode feature.

Infinix and TECNO mobile & some other android devices come with Power Saving Mode features an Ultra Power Saving Mode features. These are emergency features that ensure you can increase battery power for longer, especially when you can’t immediately plug your phone into the charger. Make sure you enable one of these methods when you need to save on a phone charge.






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