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How to Fix Smartphone Only Works On Speakerphone – 6 Solutions

Sometimes Android phone or other smartphones only works on speakerphone and handsfree option displayed on the screen. There are a lot of possibilities for what went wrong with the phone and this article is going to present them to you. First of all, I have to be honest, if your Android Smartphone Only Works On Speakerphone, chances are your AirPace speaker is broken. Of course, there may be a software problem where the device is unable to properly access AirPay. But chances are, your smartphone is physically ill.

In a situation where your phone only works on the speaker, it can be easy to get frustrated and go to the cell phone store immediately for repair services. However, there are ways to diagnose and fix the problem on your own without the help of a repair specialist. Learning how to fix a phone stuck on a speakerphone can actually be accomplished very easily. We shall try to cover How to Fix Smartphone Only Works On Speakerphone.

What is the reason for Speakerphone Problems?

Here are two main reasons why your phone speaker may work fine on the phone but fail to work regularly.

  • First, you cannot hear the other person. This is because the earpiece is damaged.
  • Second, they are unable to hear you. This is because the dedicated noise-canceling mic is damaged. Rarely happens on older phones that only had one microphone.

Moreover, you should always try to rule out any obvious scenario that might cause you trouble. In this case, double-check to make sure that your phone is not actually set up on the speakerphone or some sort of pre-configured setting in which the speakerphone is enabled. While this may seem overwhelming, situations like this can easily become a source of anxiety for you.


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If the speakerphone is not enabled, your next step is to turn off your phone, remove the back cover, and remove the battery. Battery removal acts as a kind of “reset” mechanism to help remove any temporary configuration settings. Leave your phone out for at least a minute before putting the battery back on. Do not try to remove the battery, as this may damage your phone.

6 easy solutions If your mobile phone only works on speakerĀ 

1. Turn off Mobile Phone

Sometimes due to moisturizing or wet hands, small drops of water are absorbed and we don’t notice it. Just turn off your smartphone and keep it turn off few minutes. It will work only if your phone displays the headphone plugin sign. You need to be patient in common cases it is fine automatically.

2. Clean the Ear speaker

80% of the time it’s the small pieces of washed tissue paper stuck in the handset and cleaning your phone handset is the way to go. If you wash your clothes without emptying your pockets, there is a chance that you have also washed a lot of tissue papers.

Clean the Ear speaker

Tiny paper tends to accumulate in the ports and in the earpiece over time. So, if you are sure you won’t break the earpiece grille, take a 10 or small clamp and pick out the pieces that are clogging the earphone port. If your headset has a metal grill on the front, you will need to take it to a professional for a thorough cleaning.

3. Clean the Mic Hole

Many smartphones come with multiple microphones these days to enable clear communication, whether you’re using the standard orientation or the speaker. For example, the Samsung Galaxy model comes with 2 microphones. One is normal and the other is noise canceling. Usually, the standard microphone hole is under the smartphone near the charging ports. Using a flashlight, check if it is blocked in any way or not.

Clean the Mic Hole

I don’t recommend this, but if you have a fine needle, you can try to scoop whatever debris you see out of the hole. Once the mic hole is clean, be sure to blow it out to spread out any dust residue and not blow too hard.

4. Headphone Jack is blocked

If the headphone jack is so dirty that your smartphone thinks you’ve plugged in headphones, it’s time to clean it. The usual moisture, grime, and grime can settle into your smartphone’s headphone jack over time.

Headphone Jack is blocked

If it happens, your smartphone will think you plugged in the headphones and will try to route all sounds through the non-existent headphones. So, pick up the flashlight again and see if there is any debris on the headphone jack, clean it if necessary with a small needle, but be careful not to poke too hard.

5. Screen Protector

Sometimes a misplaced screen protector obscures the earpiece and creates a seal. This means that any sound coming out of your headset will be muffled and sometimes totally muted. So, take a good look at the screen protector and see if it sits perfectly on the screen. If not, you will have to get a protector made for your smartphone and have someone else apply it.

06. Hardware Issue

If all solutions are failed then might be there is a problem with your mic or speaker is damaged and you need to get the services of a technician. He will replace the defective piece of mic or speaker.



Here was some tips How to Fix Smartphone Only Works On Speakerphone with 6 easy solutions. I hope one of them will work for you. Remember that factory reset is only for software problems not for hardware. I try to solve the handsfree plugin sign problem with factory reset but it was useless. No doubt factory reset can reset software as like a new phone but in the case of hardware, it does not work. If your phone is in warranty then claims to the manufacturer.






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