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How to Download telegram Files with IDM (Download Manager)

How to Download telegram Files with IDM if you were searching for this question then you’re on the right page. I shall tell you the method of downloading telegram files using a download manager like IDM. By using this method you will be able

  • To Download Telegram Images with fast speed
  • To download voice messages
  • To Download Telegram Videos with IDM
  • To Download pdf files with any browser or Download Manager

Telegram is a social networking instant messaging service. Telegram client apps are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, macOS and Linux. Users can send Whatsapp App messages and exchange any kind of photos, videos, stickers, audio and files. Telegram does not download files very fast and does not support it compared to download managers like IDM. Follow the steps below to use Download Manager to download telegram files.


Benefits of using Web Telegram: 

Telegram is no doubt a wonderful instant messaging app. If you have used WhatsApp Web then you must know the what is the benefits of the web version. Using the web version you can send and receive your messages and other files on your computer or laptop. The plus point of the telegram is that you don’t have a need to keep your phone connected with telegram like WhatsApp because telegram store your data on its server so you can use telegram without phone on computer. But a first-time login is required.

You will be able to download files with fast speed and you keep your data on the PC instead of your mobile. This is also useful for organization or business that send files on a daily basis.


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Method of Download Telegram Data with IDM

Step 1: 

First of all, you need to go to

Step 2: 

Now you need to put your number in country code format which you are already using on telegram.

telegram login page

Step 3: 

Click Next, open the Telegram app on your phone and enter the PIN that was sent to you in the Telegram web app

Step 4: 

After successful login, you need to search  “link to files bot” in global search. Now start or activate the bot by sending any message. Once the bot is activated now we need to go on next step. But before going to the next step let me clear that some bots are not working due to multiple reasons you can try any other bot.

telegram start bot
telegram start bot

Step 5: 

Now go to channel or relevant group where is your file which you want to download fast with IDM. Select the file and forward it to “link to files bot” 


telegram group link copy


Step 6: 

Once the file has been forwarded to the bot. The bot will create a link for you which is actually our external link that will be used to download the file. This link will be for a short period of time as you can see in the given below image.

telegram file download with idm


Step 7: 

When you click on the above link the IDM will automatically capture the link and start the downloading file.

download telegram file using idm


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Why web telegram is not working in some regions?

Now, is not working in some countries especially in Pakistan, India and other Asian countries. Then you can use any good VPN and select the country United States or the United Kingdom.

Not working telegram web
telegram web is not working



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