How to download and save all your Instagram data as Backup

How to download and save all your Instagram data as Backup

Instagram is one of the popular Photo & video sharing app using nowadays which is developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It is owned by Facebook. It was launched in October 2010 exclusively on iOS. After two years version for Android devices was released in April 2012. 

New features coming up each day, Instagram is yet to come up with the full-length of downloading the data from the app. It is misogynist on the web version but not on the app. There are a lot of other features that Instagram offers. Just like Snapchat, Instagram now has a story full-length wherein whatever you post as your story disappears in 24 hours unless you have archived the story in the app. You can moreover use the ‘Direct Message’ full-length wherein you can yack with people personally without having the world know well-nigh it.


Let’s come to our point now “How to Download and Save all Instagram Data”. it is easy to do so. It does sound intimidating at first, but it really is not. You just have to follow the steps unalleviated to go well-nigh downloading your data on Instagram:

1. Go to
2. Click on the icon next to your ‘Edit Profile’ option and select “Privacy and Security”
3. Scroll down to ‘Data Download
4. Click ‘Request Download’
5. Type in your email write-in specimen it doesn’t automatically pop up and then click on ‘Next’.
6. Enter your password and click ‘Request Download’



Once you do that, Instagram will create a separate folder on your phone to store all the pictures and videos you have shared. This process will take up to 24 hours, and you will need to require it time. Instagram will moreover e-mail you a link to make the downloading easier.
Until Instagram comes up with the largest full-length for data downloading, you will have to require the downloading at least 48 hours. If you have not shared too much on the app, the chances are that the download will be quicker and easier. But if there is too much data, it will definitely take up 48 hours. So save your precious memories for later use. 

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