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Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy Pdf Free

Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy: this book is written by Dr. A V Yadav and B V Yadav. This can be downloaded freely in pdf format.  Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy is also a course book in D.Pharmacy’s first year. Most colleges and universities study this book as a syllabus book. There are others all related to D Pharmacy books available here check all D. Pharmacy books here


Book Name Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy
Author of Book Dr. A V Yadav, B V Yadav
Language English
Format PDF
Category D Pharmacy 1st year


Overview of Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy Pdf Free

Hospital and clinical pharmacists are qualified to prepare medications for patients. They need to know how different medications interact so they can determine if a prescribed medication may cause harmful side effects for the patient. Clinical pharmacists spend more time interacting with patients and medical professionals. They may see patients with physicians and participate in patient assessment and help determine which medications to prescribe. Hospital pharmacists may consult with physicians and other medical professionals, but spend more time in the pharmacy preparing medications for patients.
Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical pharmacists must complete a residency after earning a professional degree in their field. It is more common for clinical pharmacists to work in medical clinics or hospitals where they will see patients. They benefit from having good communication and interpersonal skills because interacting with patients and other medical professionals is a regular part of their job. They may work different shifts during the day or night and may also work on weekends and holidays. Physical fitness is important as they spend much of their time at work standing up.
Job responsibilities of a clinical pharmacist include:
  • Evaluating for untreated health issues
  • Performing medical tests on patients
  • Ensuring patients receive the correct medications
  • Advising patients about health-related matters
  • Tracking the progress of patients
Hospital pharmacists

Hospital pharmacists work in hospitals and provide medications to patients. They must have good communication skills as their job involves interacting with doctors and other medical professionals on a regular basis. They also need to be able to prioritize their duties because they involve a wide range of tasks. Since they work in hospitals, they can be scheduled for any hours, and it is common for them to work rotating shifts during the day or night. Attention to detail is important because they must be accurate when filling prescriptions.
Job responsibilities of a hospital pharmacist include:
• Preparation of intravenous prescription drugs
• Provide information to medical staff
• Ensuring that the drug is safe for the patient
• Fill out paperwork
• Inventory monitoring and ordering

Topics of this Edition

Part-I: Hospital Pharmacy:
Hospital-Definition, Function, classifications based on various criteria, organization, Management, and health delivery system in India.
Hospital Pharmacy: Definition Functions and objectives of Hospital pharmaceutical services. Location, Layout, Flow chart of materials and men.
Personnel and facilities requirements including equipment based on individual and basic needs. Requirements and abilities required for Hospital pharmacists.
The drug Distribution system in Hospitals. Out-patient service, In-patient services- types of services detailed discussion of unit Dose system, Floor ward stock system, Satellite pharmacy services, central sterile services, Bedside pharmacy.
Manufacturing: Economical considerations, estimation of demand
Sterile manufacture-Large and small volume parenterals, facilities, requirements, layout production planning, man-power requirements.
Non-sterile manufacture-Liquid orals, externals, Bulk concentrates. Procurement of stores and testing of raw materials.
Nomenclature and uses of surgical instruments Hospital Equipment and health accessories.
P.T.C.(Pharmacy Therapeutic Committee)
Hospital Formulary System and its organization, functioning, and composition.
Drug Information service and Drug Information Bulletin.
Surgical dressing like cotton, gauze, bandages, and adhesive tapes including their pharmacopoeial tests for quality. Other hospital supplies eg. I.V.sets, B.G. sets, Ryals tubes, Catheters, Syringes etc.
Application of computers in the maintenance of records, inventory control, medication monitoring, drug information and data storage and retrieval in hospital retail pharmacy establishment.

Part II: Clinical Pharmacy:
Introduction to Clinical pharmacy practice– Definition, scope.
Modern dispensing aspects– Pharmacists and patient counseling and advice for the use of common drugs, and medication history.
Common daily terminology used in the practice of medicine.
Disease, manifestation and pathophysiology include salient symptoms to understand the disease like Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cardio-vascular diseases, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Peptic Ulcer, and Hypertension.
Physiological parameters with their significance.
Drug Interactions: Definition and introduction. Mechanism of Drug Interaction. Drug-drug interaction with reference to analgesics, diuretics, cardiovascular drugs, and Gastrointestinal agents. Vitamins and Hypoglycemic agents. Drug-food interaction.
Adverse Drug Reaction: Definition and significance. Drug-Induced diseases and Teratogenicity.
Drugs in Clinical Toxicity– Introduction, general treatment of poisoning, systemic antidotes, Treatment of insecticide poisoning, heavy metal poison, Narcotic drugs, Barbiturate, Organophosphorus poisons.
Drug dependences, drug abuse, addictive drugs, and their treatment, and complications.
Bio-availability of drugs, including factors affecting it.

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