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D. Pharmacy Handbook of General Anatomy Pdf Free

Handbook of General Anatomy: This book is written by BD Chaurasia. You can download it freely in pdf format. This general anatomy manual has been written to meet the requirements of newly admitted students in medical schools. It thoroughly introduces most of the medical terminology as well as the various structures that make up the human body. Due to late admissions and the shorter time available for teaching anatomy, coverage of general anatomy seems to suffer the most. Since it lays the foundation for the entire subject of medicine, it was felt necessary to produce a short, simple, and comprehensive manual on this neglected, yet important, aspect of the subject. It has been written in simple language, with the text classified into small parts to make it easier for students to follow and remember. This is expected to be quite useful for medical students.

I am proud and excited to present to you the fourth edition of this popular book. Now, simple colored diagrams extensively illustrate each chapter. Once an initial interest in reading text supplemented by diagrams develops, learning general anatomy is no longer a problem. The clinical anatomy has been illustrated with color diagrams. Students have always encouraged me to improve both the text and the diagrams.


Book Name Handbook of General Anatomy 
Author of Book BD Chaurasia
Edition 4th Edition
Language English
Format PDF
Category D Pharmacy 1st year


Overview of Handbook of General Anatomy Pdf Free

According to BD Chaurasia, Human anatomy is the science that deals with the structure of the human body. The term ‘anatomy’ is derived from a Greek word, “anatomy”, which means to cut. The term ‘dissection’ is a Latin equivalent of Greek anatomy. However, the two words, anatomy and dissection, are not synonyms. Dissection is a mere technique, while anatomy is a vast field of study.
Anatomy forms a solid foundation for the entire art of medicine and introduces the student to most medical terminology. “Anatomy is to physiology what geography is to history, that is, it describes the theater in which the action unfolds.”
Initially, anatomy was studied mainly by dissection. But the scope of modern anatomy has become very wide because it is now studied by all possible techniques that can push the boundaries of anatomical knowledge.

Topics of this Edition

  • Introduction
  • Skeleton
  • Joints
  • Muscles
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Lymphatic System
  • Nervous System
  • Skin and Fasciae
  • Connective Tissue, Ligaments, and Raphe
  • Principles of Radiography

About the Author

BD Chaurasia
Bhagwan Din Dr. BD Chaurasia is also known as the unsung hero of Indian Anatomy is an Indian educationist and doctor. His books are unique in presenting the comprehensive and systematic text of Anatomy in simple language and easily accessible line diagrams. To date, he has written many books. But this book holds position number one among all the other books.


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Handbook of General Anatomy Pdf Free



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