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Handbook of Drug Store And Business Management Pdf Free

Handbook of drug store and business management: This book is written by Ashok K. Gupta. You can download this book freely in pdf format. The pharmaceutical industry is considered a “lifeline” industry. It plays an important role in raising general health standards. The availability is a growing measure, of a wide range of quality medicines for people through effective means of distribution, it is noteworthy. The retail pharmacist is a vital link in a nation’s health care services. To manage the pharmacy effectively and efficiently, management principles and techniques are very helpful. With the competition increasing day by day, running a pharmacy becomes a challenging job. This book emphasizes the theoretical principles of management in the practical aspects of managing the pharmacy. This book emphasizes management principles, pharmaceutical marketing, the role of the pharmacy in conjunction with location identification, optimal design features, regarding various types of business organizations, purchasing and inventory control, and personal management. This book provides guidelines for starting strategies to rule out the competition and will help you run your pharmacy professionally.

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Book Name Handbook Of Drug Store And Business Management
Author of Book Ashok K. Gupta
Language English
Format PDF
Category D Pharmacy 2nd year


Overview of Handbook Of Drug Store And Business Management Pdf Free

According to Ashok K. Gupta,
A business is an activity in which there are goods or services involved with the objective or profit. The term “business” also refers to the organized efforts and activities of individuals to produce and sell goods and services for profit. A company is defined as an entrepreneurial organization or entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. Business activity is mainly divided into two types.
A) Industry
B) Trade
Industry: Industry is the concept that the people and activities involved in the production of something, the provision of a service, etc.
1. Consumer goods
2. Capital goods
3. Intermediate goods
They are the link between the producer and the customers. Commerce is that aspect of business activity that can result from the distribution of goods and services produced by industry the production of goods and services for the satisfaction of humans wands the main objective of an industry.

Topics of this Edition

Part I Commerce
Introduction-Trade, Industry, and commerce, Functions and subdivision of Commerce, Introduction to Elements for Economics and Management. Forms of Business Organizations. Channels of Distribution.
Drug House Management-selection of Site, Space Lay-out, and legal requirements. Importance and objectives of Purchasing, selection of suppliers, credit information, tenders, contracts and price determination, and legal requirements thereto.Codification, handling of drug stores, and other hospital supplies. Inventory Control-objects and importance, modern techniques like ABC, VED analysis, the lead time, inventory carrying cost, safety stock, minimum and maximum stock levels, economic order quantity, scrap, and surplus disposal.
Sales promotion, Market Research, Salesmanship, qualities of a salesman, Advertising, and Window Display.
Recruitment, training, evaluation, and compensation of the pharmacist.
Banking and Finance-Service and functions of the bank, Finance planning, and sources of finance.
Part II Accountancy
Introduction to the accounting concepts and conventions. Double entry Book Keeping, Different kinds of accounts. Cash Book. General Ledger and Trial Balance. Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet.
Simple techniques for analyzing financial statements. Introduction to Budgeting.

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Handbook Of Drug Store And Business Management Pdf Free



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