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Free Download Community Health Nursing Textbook PDF

Community Health Nursing Textbook PDF Free Download with Direct link.  You can download it free at the last of this post. Welcome to the fourth edition of Community Health Nursing. The last decade has seen unprecedented change and investment in the development of responsive services for patients and clients in the community, supported by new service delivery strategies and significant advances in treatment modalities in the acute sector. There has also been a significant investment in the design and roll-out of new workforce solutions that has required a major overhaul of how we prepare community public health nurses and nurse practitioners to work in primary care settings. . A key objective of the proposed service reforms is to design a workforce that is fit for practice and fit for purpose, equipped with competencies that enable professionals to function through a range of priority and interprofessional care pathways both within the hospital as inside the hospital. primary care settings (including new polyclinics). This new edition takes into account the demand from commission agents and service providers to ensure flexibility in the workforce, regardless of the location and focus of their current role. In doing so, we have recognized that the demand for health care, influenced by changes in the pattern of disease and response to treatment, will change, based primarily on the joint delivery of health care in collaboration between users, caregivers and professionals. The National Health Service’s (NHS) “choice” agenda with an emphasis on home care (backed by an absolute resolve to engage service users as co-owners of the health care agenda), has been a key driver for our revised text. . Key principles for health care modernization and new delivery models are also laid out in the wake of the emergence of an increasingly diverse range of providers, including the role of the third sector and reliance on the commercial sector to provide substantial elements of primary and secondary care provision in the UK.

This latest edition of the Community Health Nursing Book PDF. Community Health Nursing Book PDF  also recognizes the importance of providing a competent workforce that is prepared to face the challenges related to inequalities in the provision of health and social care. Competency standards, improving clinical skills competency, and acquiring clinical judgment skills in decision-making and care planning have also been identified as key drivers for change, particularly in areas such as the emergence of advanced practice roles and the delivery of enhanced clinical skills and needs assessment.


Community Health Nursing Textbook PDF

The key policy directives that have shaped our book are originally derived from the 2000 NHS Plan, which has been significantly updated each year by the Department of Health. For example, we have recognized the importance of supporting people with long-term conditions, which has gained further emphasis in the Department of Health’s Next Stage Review (2007). The Department of Health also foresaw fundamental changes in its 2006 publication Our health, Our Care, Our Say: A New Direction for Community Services. These values ​​have been analyzed and incorporated throughout the new edition in various chapters. Nurses continue to be at the heart of government plans, as identified in the Department of Health’s Modernizing Nursing Careers strategy (2006; www.dh.gov.uk/cno). For example, nurses play a key role in establishing new models of primary care and social enterprise and are an integral part of developing care pathways as part of the multidisciplinary team.

Following the successful implementation of national service framework programs, care policy has progressed to produce national competency standards identified by Skills for Health, which mandate reviews of how community health care nurses perform their roles and functions. The government is also clearly committed to establishing community health care/primary care nursing as the center to promote the improvement of the health of the population and its constituent neighbourhoods. Associated with these changes has been a major refocus to ‘shift’ the emphasis within the NHS to adopt a ‘health-enabling’ philosophy, rather than one that ‘specialises’ in responding to illness. Therefore, this book aims to shift the focus of practitioner responses from ‘treatment’ to ‘prevention’ and ‘expert practice’. Government investment in designing new commissioning infrastructures to support primary care and public health initiatives has further strengthened the need for our professions to review the standard, type and content of education and practice base of community health care nursing. Other challenges have been the implementation of clinical governance, underpinned by the desire to promote clinical excellence and evidence-based practice, and the need to systematically measure and “performance measure” the quality of service delivery.

In addition, priority has been given to the emergence of innovative solutions and practices designed to manage long-term conditions and to improve and promote public health. This text acknowledges the changing face of community health care nursing in the UK and places its academic foundation firmly within a scientific framework that is underpinned and influenced by contemporary changes in social and economic policy.

There is no doubt that the pace of change involved in the design and development of a new culture of community health nursing has required a radical and sometimes traumatic revision of personal attitudes and managerial and personalized care practices. Instead, we are now witnessing the advent and creation of new structures, processes and service systems, many of which have been developed and implemented by nurses working in the many constituent parts of the “health care nursing” family. community”. This book considers some of the major issues that need to be addressed in the design and introduction of the community health care nursing profession.

Its roots lie firmly in the evolutionary nature of professional development and recognize the innovative, adaptable and flexible character of professionals themselves. Consequently, the book contains examples of these changes and traces their origins and their potential contribution to the implementation of community care and public health nursing. Lessons have been learned from experimentation and research design and experiential learning, and in doing so there will inevitably be some overlap between individual contributions and the solutions they propose for the provision of effective community nursing care and skilled nursing care. community public. .


Key Features of Community Health Nursing Book 

  1. New edition of a well-established and successful text
  2. Written by experts in the field
  3. Examines competencies in practice
  4. Includes evidence-based guidelines and integrates national service framework requirements
  5. Includes new chapters on Advanced Nursing Practice and competency assessment, nursing staff primary health care modernized and change of personnel, Start-up and commitment of users and the public. Community Health Nursing Book PDF



Book Name Community Health Nursing Textbook
Author of Book David Shines, Mary Saunders and Janice Forbes
Edition 4th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



1 The Context of Primary Health Care Nursing
2 Social Policy
3 The Origins of Contemporary Primary Health Care
4 Community Development in Public Health and Primary Care
5 Health Needs Assessment and the Community NursePreview (opens in a new tab)
6 Research Perspectives Applied to Primary Health Care
7 Health Visiting
8 General Practice Nursing
9 Contemporary Issues in District Nursing
10 Community Children’s Nursing
11 School Nursing
12 Occupational Health Nursing
13 Community Mental Health Nursing
14 Community Nursing Learning Disability
15 Advanced Nursing Practice in the Community
16 Teamwork in Community Nursing
17 Measuring Effectiveness in Community Health Care Nursing and Specialist Community Public Health Nursing
18 Non-Medical Prescribing
19 Public Health Nursing – Strategic Directions for Future Development
20 Modernisation of Primary Care: Innovation, Leadership and Enterprise Within the Workforce
21 Inter-Professional Practice Teaching and Learning
22 User Involvement: The Involved and Involving Community Health Care Nurse


Community Health Nursing textBook PDF



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