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Foundations of Nursing Research (7th Ed) PDF Free Download

This book Foundations of Nursing Research is written by Rose Marie Nieswiadomy and Catherine Bailey. The informal writing style has been maintained in this seventh edition of the text. Readers have made many positive comments about the writing style. Students have said that they often feel like they are talking to the author. The book is still easy to learn, just like the previous six editions. Interact with us while reading this text. Involve! This is the best way to learn about research.
Readers are referred to websites throughout the book for additional information and resources. References to recent nursing research studies are interspersed throughout this book. These research study excerpts are presented to illustrate various aspects of the research process. Most of these studies were conducted in the United States. Several were held in other countries.

According to the Author: Our primary goal in writing the seventh edition of this book is to promote interest in nursing research. Like Dr. Rose Nieswiadomy, we strongly believe that research is essential to evidence-based nursing practice and the growth of the nursing profession. The results of nursing research studies improve patient care and show that nurses are not only caring but also profitable providers of health care.


Book Name Foundations of Nursing Research
Author of Book Rose Marie Nieswiadomy and Catherine Bailey
Edition 7th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of Foundations of Nursing Research

Essentials of Nursing Research illuminates all steps of the nursing research process, helping readers understand the importance of research to evidence-based nursing practice, evaluate and critique research, and determine whether study findings are ready to be applied in practice. His conversational tone explains the investigation simply and clearly. To illustrate specific aspects of the research process, extensive excerpts from research studies are interspersed throughout the book, including research conducted outside the US. Easy-to-use learning features include chapter objectives, key terms, summaries, review questions, research links, and self-assessments.


Key features

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Topics of this Edition

PART I Introduction to Nursing Research
PART II Preliminary Steps in the Research Process
PART III Research Designs
PART IV Obtaining Study Participants and Collection of Data
PART V Data Analysis
PART VI Research Findings and Nursing Practice

About the Author

Catherine Bailey is a registered nurse. She graduated from a diploma program in Germantown, Pennsylvania, and received her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees from Texas Woman’s University (TWU) College of Nursing in Denton, Texas. She is an adjunct professor at the Texas Woman’s University School of Nursing in Dallas, Texas. Her main interests are nursing education, adult health care, and nursing research. She has taught undergraduate nursing students in the classroom, simulation lab, and clinical setting since 2001. She teaches research to graduate nursing students at the master’s level and has chaired Professional Projects for Family Nursing Students. She also works with doctoral students seeking a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. She has published textbook chapters on the use of high-fidelity simulations for nursing students and case scenarios that are appropriate for simulation experiences. He has presented the findings of his studies in podium and poster presentations at METI HPSN conferences and international Sigma Theta Tau conferences, as well as other regional and local venues.



Foundations of Nursing Research



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