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Foundations of Adult Health Nursing (3rd Ed.) Free PDF Download

The book Foundations of Adult Health Nursing is written by Lois White, Gena Duncan, and Wendy Baumle. Essentials of Adult Health Nursing, Third Edition, covers common medical/surgical conditions typically encountered by practical/vocational nurses. An overview of anatomy and physiology is provided at the beginning of each chapter on body systems. Each condition is presented and followed by medical-surgical management topics, including pharmacological, dietary, activity, and nursing management aspects. The nursing process is presented in great detail and incorporates current NANDA-I diagnoses and NIC/NOC references. In addition, it identifies subjective and objective data with health history questions, possible nursing diagnoses, goals/outcomes, interventions, and evaluation. Each chapter contains a sample care plan.

The student has the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and develop critical thinking skills by completing the case studies included in many of the chapters. New customer case studies have been added throughout. The student has the opportunity to assess knowledge and critical thinking of essential nursing concepts by answering NCLEX®-style review questions at the end of each chapter.



Book Name Foundations of Adult Health Nursing
Author of Book Lois White, Gena Duncan, Wendy Baumle
Edition 3rd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of Foundations of Adult Health Nursing

NURSING FUNDAMENTALS FOR ADULT HEALTH 3RD EDITION is a comprehensive, easy-to-use resource for the medical-surgical nursing field of study. Completely up-to-date, this resource follows the Nursing Process format. The clinical content includes Nursing Management sections for each disorder, emphasizing the nurse’s role in providing competent client care. In addition, the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) and the Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC) have been identified in each Nursing Care Plan. All nursing diagnoses have been updated with the latest NANDA definitions and classifications. Added an important new section on Rehabilitation, Home Health, Long-Term Care, and Hospice that defines the nurse’s role, explains legal issues and discusses appropriate client assessments and interventions in each health care setting. Each section contains a case study with critical thinking questions designed to help the reader through the nursing process and develop a personalized plan of care for the client in the setting. Abundant special features, NCLEX-style questions, and the new StudyWARE CD-ROM loaded make this an engaging and easy-to-use resource.


Topics of this Edition

UNIT 1: Essential Concepts
UNIT 2: Nursing Care of the Client: Oxygenation and Perfusion
UNIT 3: Nursing Care of the Client: Digestion and Elimination
UNIT 4: Nursing Care of the Client: Mobility, Coordination and Regulation
UNIT 5: Nursing Care of the Client: Reproductive and Sexual Health
UNIT 6: Nursing Care of the Client: Body Defenses
UNIT 7: Nursing Care of the Client: Physical and Mental Integrity
UNIT 8: Nursing Care of the Client: Older Adult
UNIT 9: Nursing Care of the Client: Health Care in the Community
UNIT 10: Applications

About the Author

Lois Elain Wacker White earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, Springfield, Illinois; an Associate of Science degree from Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas; a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Texas A & I University-Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi, Texas; a Master of Science in Education from Corpus Christi State University, Corpus Christi, Texas; and a Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Administration—University of Texas Community College, Austin, Texas.



Foundations of Adult Health Nursing



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