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Family Health Care Nursing (6 Ed.) PDF Free Download

This book Family Health Care Nursing is written by Joanna Rowe Kaakinen, Deborah Padgett Coehlo, Rose Steele, and Melissa Robinson. Ask anyone about a time they were affected by something that happened to one of their family members and you will be overwhelmed by the intensity of the emotions and the exhaustive details. Each person is significantly influenced by their family and the structure, function, and processes within the family. Even people who don’t interact with their families have been shaped by their families. The importance and connection between individuals and their families have been extensively studied in a variety of disciplines, including nursing.

The purpose of this book is to provide nursing students, as well as practicing nurses, with the understanding, knowledge, and guidance to practice family nursing. Since the last edition, there have been many changes in families, family health, and policies that affect the health of families. Each chapter in this edition reflects those changes with up-to-date, current, and evidence-based information.


Book Name Family Health Care Nursing
Author of Book Joanna Rowe Kaakinen, Deborah Padgett Coehlo, Rose Steele, Melissa Robinson
Edition 6th Ed
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of Family Health Care Nursing

Explore family nursing as it is practiced today, with an evidence-based, theory-driven approach to care throughout the family life cycle that responds to the needs of families and adapts to the dynamics changing health care system. From health promotion to end of life, a streamlined organization provides the clinical guidance you need to care for families.
Significantly updated and thoroughly revised, the sixth edition reflects the art and science of family nursing practice in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare settings.


Key features

Excellent resource. “…very readable and at the level of undergraduate or graduate nursing programs. He nicely covers family and health topics, including how they are affected by socioeconomic and cultural factors, how people define family networks and the role of nurses in caring for families. It also does a thorough job of discussing the theoretical basis of family nursing, provides numerous examples of current research and suggests areas that need further investigation.”


Topics of this Edition

UNIT 1 Foundations in Family Health Care Nursing
Chapter 1 Family Health Care Nursing
Chapter 2 Theoretical Foundations for the Nursing of Families
Chapter 3 Family Demography
Chapter 4 Family Policy
Chapter 5 Family Nursing Assessment and Intervention
UNIT 2 Families Across the Health Continuum
Chapter 6 Family Health Promotion
Chapter 7 Nursing Care of LGBTQ Families
Chapter 8 Genomics and Family Nursing Across the Life Span
Chapter 9 Families Living With Chronic Illness
Chapter 10 Families in Palliative and End-of-Life Care
Chapter 11 Trauma and Family Nursing
UNIT 3 Nursing Care of Families in Clinical Areas
Chapter 12 Family Nursing With Childbearing Families
Chapter 13 Family Child Health Nursing
Chapter 14 Family Nursing in Acute Care Adult Settings
Chapter 15 Family Health in Midland Later Life
Chapter 16 Family Mental Health Nursing
Chapter 17 Families and Community and Public Health Nursing

About the Author

Joanna Rowe Kaakinen was a professor and interim dean of nursing at Linfield College. She has a Ph.D. in Speech Communication with a focus in health communication from the University of Denver, an M.S.N. with a focus in pediatric nursing from Indiana University, and a B.S.N. from Indiana University.
Deborah Padgett Coehlo is an Instructor of Human Development and Family Sciences at Oregon State University-Cascades. He also works at Juniper Ridge Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.
Rose Steele is a Professor of Nursing at the University of York.
Melissa Robinson is an Associate Professor of Nursing at Linfield College. She has a Ph.D. in Nursing Education from Capella University, an M.N. from Oregon Health and Science University, and a B.S.N. from Kootenai Salish College.



Family Health Care Nursing



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