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Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses Free PDF Download

This Book Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses is written by Nola A. Schmidt and Janet M. Brown. We are very pleased to offer the Fourth Edition of this text. For this review, we extensively modified the “Apply what you’ve learned” feature. The new topic is adherence to hand hygiene, which changed from medication errors in the last edition. We selected this clinical issue because it involves all healthcare providers in all settings and has a significant impact on patient outcomes. Additionally, nursing educators are well positioned to help students appreciate hand hygiene guidelines and develop good hand hygiene habits. This feature continues to be developed in a way that integrates the chapter content with each step of the EBP process. Concrete strategies, in the form of examples and checklists, enable readers to master the skills necessary to perform these activities in the clinical setting.

We are even more committed to the premise that baccalaureate-ready nurses, given the emphasis on leadership, critical thinking, and communication in their curricula, are ideally positioned to promote best practices. Therefore, nursing faculty must teach students educational strategies that develop a lifelong commitment to critically examine nursing practice in light of scientific advances.



Book Name Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses
Author of Book Nola A. Schmidt, Janet M. Brown
Edition 4th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses

Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses: Evaluating and Applying Research, Fourth Edition is an essential resource for teaching students how to put research into practice. The text is based on the five-step IDP process (knowledge, persuasion, decision, implementation, and confirmation). The authors employ a new and updated approach to teaching nursing research using evidence-based practice.
The Fourth Edition features more real-world examples, expanded coverage of qualitative methods, discussion of various types of research questions, and explores the hierarchy of evidence.


Key features

  • Practical examples based on real-life evidence
  • Exploration of the Hierarchy Model that presents all types of evidence for each level
  • Expanded content on the qualitative method
  • Updated references and new diagrams summarizing statistical analyzes and designs
  • Navigate 2 Premier Access
  • Instructor Resources
  • Instructor’s manual
  • Analysis of time in tasks
  • Interactive conferences
  • Competency mapping document
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Testing bench
  • Practice activities
  • Evolving Case Study


Topics of this Edition

  • Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice
  • Acquisition of Knowledge
  • Persuasion
  • Decision
  • Implementation
  • Confirmation



Evidence-Based Practice for Nurses



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