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Everything You Need to Know About FASTag Application at Ladowal Toll Plaza in 2024

Heavy Traffic at Ladowal Toll Plaza

Ladowal Toll Plaza is marked by the heavy traffic movement, especially in the rush hours, with cars, trucks, buses, and bikes fighting to pay the toll and be on their way. One solution that has simplified this disorder and brought about a swift and hassle-free movement at the toll plazas is the FASTag system. The system has made it possible for vehicle owners to apply for a FASTag online through various platforms like Bajaj Finserv’s Bajaj Pay. To make full use of the services and benefits, every vehicle owner should understand how to apply fastag at Ladowal Toll Plaza.

FASTag: Streamlining Traffic

Every movement in and out of the cities and towns through the Ladowal Toll Plaza is made more streamlined by using FASTag. FASTag is a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that empowers automatic toll payments directly from a prepaid or savings account you link it to. Applying for a FASTag becomes important as the Government of India has mandated it for all vehicles at the toll plaza.

Applying for FASTag through Bajaj Finserv

Through the Bajaj Finserv platform, one can easily apply for the fastag. Reach to Bajaj Pay FASTag portal on the Bajaj Finserv website, fill in your mobile number, and generate an OTP. Upon verification of the details, you will be redirected to a registration page where you can submit all the required information, namely vehicle details, personal information, and KYC documents. You will also have to upload a clear photo of your RC. Once your KYC documents have been approved, the FASTag will be shipped to your residence.

Types of FASTag Offered by Bajaj Finserv

Bajaj Finserv offers two types of FASTag. One for commercial vehicles and the other for private vehicles. You have the advantage of loading up to Rs. 1 lakh onto the FASTag for commercial vehicles and Rs. 20,000 for private vehicles. The application process for these is identical.

Recharging Your FASTag

Recharging your FASTag on the Bajaj Pay portal is also a simple task. After logging in with the credentials, go to the ‘RECHARGE’ section, select the respective vehicle and enter the amount you wish to recharge. Once the payment is made through available payment options, the FASTag is recharged instantly. One more advantage is the convenience of online transactions, saving users from visiting the toll plaza physically to recharge.

Benefits of Using FASTag at Ladowal Toll Plaza

Using the FASTag at the Ladowal Toll Plaza guarantees you a number of benefits. It speeds up the transit and facilitates hassle-free toll payment. The time saved can be utilized for more productive activities. Monthly statements are also sent to your registered email, which makes tracking expenses easier. These benefits make fastag apply at the Ladowal Toll Plaza an effortless route to routine convenience.

Your FASTag is also capable of providing accident coverage at the Ladowal Toll Plaza. Bajaj Finserv’s Bajaj Pay FASTag offers accidental death coverage of Rs. 2 lakh for commercial vehicles and Rs. 1 lakh for private vehicles.


The FASTag is an innovative solution designed to remove traffic congestion on the toll booths and make life easier for commuters. Bajaj Finserv’s Bajaj Pay service takes this convenience to the next level by offering a simplified platform to apply and recharge FASTag. Now, you are aware of how to apply fastag, especially at the Ladowal Toll Plaza and what Bajaj Pay offers. Enjoy a seamless and comfortable journey using the FASTag system.

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