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Essential Med Notes 31st Edition PDF Free Download

The book Essential Med Notes 2015 is written by Justin Hall, Azra Premji. First produced in 1985 from a set of study notes written by University of Toronto medical students, Toronto Notes and its international version, Essential Med Notes, have become one of the leading study resources for generations. of medical graduates in Canada and abroad. . This rich history is rooted in our commitment to publishing a comprehensive student-edited study resource to serve students in clinical rotations and in preparation for the USMLE Step 2 and Canadian MCCQE Part I.

For 30 years, we have remained committed to our original vision. With each successive edition, we strive to improve the functionality of our print and online resources by listening to feedback from our users. The focus of Essential Med Notes 2015 is to make medical knowledge accessible and retainable by distilling information into high-quality figures, tables, algorithms, and clinical pearls. This edition of Essential Med Notes offers new and exciting changes. Introducing a consistent, easy-to-view layout across 30 chapters, including the new Vascular Surgery chapter. In addition, we have updated the text to reflect current best practice guidelines and clinically relevant advances in medical research. In addition, the text has been revised to reflect the new DSM-5 clinical guidelines. We are particularly excited to introduce the accompanying new Essential Med Notes Manual. In response to user feedback, the Manual has been simplified to provide you with the most essential and up-to-date information on clinical scenarios commonly found on the ward, in the clinic, or in the operating room. Finally, we’ve enhanced the Essential Med Notes eBook to include additional high-quality color images for a superior mobile learning experience.


Key features

  • A high-performance review text with detailed coverage of 30 medical specialties on over 1,300 pages.
  • Primary resource in preparation for MCCQE I and USMLE II objectives.
  • DSM-5 diagnostic criteria are used throughout the text.
  • A new chapter dedicated to Vascular Surgery.
  • Updated sections on Evidence-Based Medicine and summaries of high-impact clinical trials.
  • Redesigned book layout with new icons and in-text illustrations throughout the text.
  • Color illustrations are introduced throughout the text.


Topics of this Edition

1. Common Unit Conversions
2. Commonly Measured Laboratory Values
3. Ethical, Legal, and Organizational Medicine
4. Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine
5. Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
6. Clinical Pharmacology
7. Dermatology
8. Emergency Medicine
9. Endocrinology
10. Family Medicine
11. Gastroenterology
12. General Surgery
13. Geriatric Medicine
14. Gynecology
15. Hematology
16. Infectious Diseases
17. Medical Imaging
18. Nephrology
19. Neurology
20. Neurosurgery
21. Obstetrics
22. Ophthalmology
23. Orthopedics
24. Otolaryngology
25. Pediatrics
26. Plastic Surgery
27. Population Health and Epidemiology
28. Psychiatry
29. Respirology
30. Rheumatology
31. Urology
32. Vascular Surgery


Overview of Essential Med Notes 2015

Toronto Notes for Medical Students is proud to present the 31st edition of the highly successful Toronto Notes textbook series. This 2015 edition features a new layout across all 30 chapters for improved readability, with newly updated in-text illustrations and icons. Content updates in the main sections of text, figures, graphs, and evidence-based medicine further enhance preparation for the Canadian and US medical licensing exams.



Book Name Essential Med Notes 2015
Author of Book Justin Hall, Azra Premji
Edition 31st
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Essential Med Notes 2015



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