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Drug Calculations for Nurses Made Easy PDF Free [Latest Edition]

Drug Calculations for Nurses Made Easy step by step approach PDF Latest Edition is now available to download Free. This latest 4th Edition contains drug calculation questions and answers for nurses. This Book also clear the concepts of drug calculation formulas easily and help to understand more easily calculation. Nursing students often want to get the latest edition we tried to upload new versions. You can download this 4th edition in pdf format free at the end of the post. 

Pharmacological treatments given to patients in hospitals are increasingly complex. Sometimes these treatment regimens involve powerful and sometimes new and novel drugs. Many of these medications are toxic or possibly fatal if administered incorrectly or in overdose. Therefore, it is very important to be able to correctly perform medication calculations so as not to put the patient at risk. In current nursing practice, the need to calculate drug dosages is not uncommon. These calculations must be performed competently and accurately to ensure that the nurse, and more importantly the patient, is not put at risk.

Drug Calculations for Nurses pdf free provides help for basic math concepts and drug calculations. It is intended to be useful to all nurses of all grades and specialities, and to be a handy reference for use on the ward. The concept for this book came from the nurses themselves; a frequent question was: “Can you help me with the medication calculations?” Consequently, a small booklet was written to help nurses with their medication calculations, particularly those studying for their IV certificate. This was very well received and copies of the originals were being reproduced, indicating the need for such help and a book like this. The content of the book was determined by a questionnaire sent to nurses, asking them what they would like to see in a medication calculation book. As a result, this book was written with the goal of covering topics that nurses would like to see. Although the book was written primarily with nurses in mind, it can also be used by anyone who uses drug calculations in their work. Some topics have been covered in greater detail for this reason (for example, moles and millimoles). Therefore, this book can be used by anyone who wants to improve their drug calculation skills, and can also be used as a refresher course. It also clear nmc drug calculations formulas concepts.

Drug Calculations for Nurses Made Easy PDF 4th Edition

Drug calculation questions are a major concern for most healthcare professionals, including nurses and those teaching them. There are numerous articles highlighting the poor performance of various healthcare professionals. The vast majority of calculations are likely to be relatively straightforward, and you will probably need to perform complex calculations only infrequently. But it is obvious that people are struggling with basic calculations. It is difficult to explain why people find maths difficult, but the best way to overcome this is to try and make maths easy to understand by going back to the first principles. The aim is not to demean or offend anyone, but to remind and explain the basics. Maths is just another language that tells us how we measure and estimate, and these are the two keywords. It is vital, however, that any person performing calculations using any method, formula or calculator can understand and explain how the final dose is actually arrived at through the calculation.

To get the most out of this book, it’s a good idea to try the pretest before you start working through the chapters. The purpose of this pre-test is to test your ability in various calculations. The pretest is divided into several chapters that correspond to each chapter of the book, and the questions reflect the topics covered in each chapter. You don’t have to try every chapter, just the ones you think are relevant to you. Answering the questions will help you identify particular calculations that you are having difficulty with.

You can use calculators or anything else you find helpful to answer the questions, but it is best to complete the pre-test on your own, as it is your ability that is being tested and not someone else’s. Don’t worry if you can’t answer all the questions. The goal of the pretest is to help you identify areas of weakness. Again, you don’t have to complete all the sections, just the ones where you want to test your skill. Once you’ve completed the pretest and checked your answers, you can start using the book. Focus particularly on the areas in which you had weaknesses and, if necessary, forget about the chapters in which you were confident. How you use this book is up to you, but the pretest should help you identify the areas you need to focus on. The pretest consists of 50 questions and covers all topics and question types in the book.

Topics of Drug Calculations for Nurses Made Easy PDF

PART I: Mathematics
Chapter 1: Basic
Chapter 2: First Principles
Chapter 3: Percents and Percentages
Chapter 4: Units and Equivalences
Chapter 5: Moles and Millimoles
Chapter 6: Drug Strengths or Concentrations
PART II: Performing Calculations
Chapter 7: Dosage Calculations
Chapter 8: Infusion Rate Calculations
PART III: Administering Medicines
Chapter 9: Intravenous Therapy and Infusion Devices
Chapter 10: Action and Administration of Medicines
Chapter 11: Children and Medicines
Chapter 12: The Elderly and Medicines
Chapter 13: Sources and Interpretation
Revision Test
Answers to Problems related to Drug Calculations for Nurses

Paediatric calculations

This book also discusses the paediatric calculations for nurses like,  You need to give trimethoprim to a child weighing 22.5 kg at a dose of 4 mg/kg twice a day. Trimethoprim suspension comes as a 50 mg in 5 mL suspension. How much do you need for each dose? Other factors to take into account are displacement volumes for antibiotic injections. 41 You need to give benzylpenicillin at a dose of 200 mg to a 6-month-old baby. The displacement volume for benzylpenicillin is 0.4 mL per 600 mg vial. How much water for injections?



Book Name Drug Calculations for Nurses Made Easy
Author of Book ROBERT LAPHAM
Edition Fourth Edition
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books 


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