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How to Download and Install Windows 11 ISO Step by Step

Download the Windows 11 ISO file with direct links, which is 4.54 GB in size (a version that was leaked and is a developer preview. US giant Microsoft is preparing when we launch the Windows 11 operating system Talking about the release, today is June 24 at 11 a.m. MET, according to confirmation of the official Windows account on Twitter. We are going to share How to Download Windows 11 and then install it step by step guide.

Although the official event that will unveil the new operating system is just a few days away, the preview of the One11 developer has already been leaked and is now available for download and installation by veterans and all users. So, do you want to try the latest Microsoft update on your computer or laptop? Then start downloading OS iso from the direct link below, and then follow the steps to update, or install from scratch.

About Windows 11

Windows 11 has a brand new design. Microsoft needs a clear reason to dig into Windows 10 by introducing a new operating system number to clearly reverse its past claims. And the brand new design is great for that.

Central to this announcement is a significant change in the user interface. As we know, a significant portion of UX changes will come from Windows 10X Shell, and Windows 10X is not coming to market.

The right angles will disappear, they will be replaced by fillets. In fact, interior and concept designers disagree on this point – some believe that Microsoft will not change its traditions and maintain the right angles, while others believe that in 2021 Microsoft will follow the fashion of flutes.

There will be a translucent background with opacity on each side. There is disagreement on the web about the island-style of hanging windows, the design of corners and the levitation effect of menus, but almost everyone agrees on the transparency of windows. The majority of leaks and design renders show transparency and opacity in all windows, be it the Start menu or Explorer.

windows 11 preview


How to download the Windows 11 Insider Preview build

If you are a member of the Windows Internal Program (you can now sign up for free), you can download the first internal preview bill for Windows 11. However, it is important to note that beta versions, especially early ones, are small. You should never download beta on your primary device, only on a tester device if you have one. For most people, July is better than waiting for the public son to arrive in July, or better yet, a general release at the end of the year. This first build doesn’t include every new feature that will eventually come with the general release.

Steps to through Windows 11 Insider:

Step 1. Make sure you’re running a licensed version of Windows 10 on your device, and that you’re an administrator on that device. If you don’t already have one, sign up to join the Windows Internal Program. Or sign in to your Windows internal account. Click to start flying.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program. Click Get Started.

Step 3. Under Pick an account to get started, select + to connect the Microsoft account you registered with and continue.

Step 4. Follow the instructions to select the experience and channel you want to create the internal preview: Dev Channel (for developers), Beta Channel (for beginners) or Release Preview Channel (for those) Those who want to get the latest version now usually before release). Note that this construction is coming on the Dev Channel.

Step 5. Review the Privacy Statement and terms, and click confirm. Click Restart Now.

Step 6. After restarting, make sure your data settings are correct so you can download the preview. To do so, go to Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & feedback, and make sure the Optional Diagnostic Data switch is flipped to On.

Step 7. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Click the Check for updates button. You will see the latest Insider Preview build based on the settings you have selected.

From there, your device should update in the same way as any other Windows update, and you’ll be fine.


How to download Windows 11 ISO File

Most of the people are trying to install windows 11 right now but many of you are not getting the official update of windows 11 or you are probably using Windows 11 leak build. Here Windows 11 is the way to get an official release. Your computer so you can install the official Windows 11, not a leaked or DVD preview version. In the video I have shown you two ways, one is with official Windows 11 and the other is with the latest Windows 11. For this, you need to download the official ISO of Windows 11 below.

Download Windows 11 Official ISO here (Mediafire)


System Requirementsnts for Windows 11

Check here is your PC or laptop eligible for installation of Windows 11


How to Install Windows 11 Through ISO File

So, here is the simple guide to Download and Install Windows 11 in both cases, you can follow the usual steps to install One11 ISO on your laptop or PC, install Windows 10 using USB flash drives by following the same steps. The other way is by downloading the latest version of VM VirtualBox. >> And in the settings, you choose that you will install Windows 10 – 64 bit.

These steps should work on all types of desktop and laptop devices without affecting your operating system. Also, you should know that we are talking about a beta version intended for developers, so it may not be suitable for your normal daily use.

Follows these steps:

Run your bootable window 11

windows 11 installation process 1


Now on the next screen accept the terms by Microsoft


windows 11 installation process 2


It can take a few moments the speed of windows is based on your PC speed.

windows 11 installation process 3


Now select your country or region as you can see in the image. Please note that it is not compulsory to select Italy.

windows 11 installation process 4


Now select keyboard layout you should select English instead of Italian.

process 5


Now on the next screen, you will see two options

  1. Set up for personal use
  2. Setup for Work or School

I recommend you to go for the first option

process 6


Now at this stage, you’re required to sign in to your Microsoft/ outlook account if you are not already registered then click on signup and create an account. I advised you to please create an account first before installation Click here to create an account

process 7


Here you can enter your name or any name you would like to display.

process 8


Now accept the terms and if you can’t understand it then click on learn more. The first time you should click on the yes button then later you can change settings in control panel.

process 9


Now it’s done. Well done. It will take few minutes so don’t be panic.


If you have any question answer then Click here



I tried to explain how to Download and Install Windows 11 ISO with easy steps. I hope you enjoy this post and if you think my work is awesome then you can encourage me by sharing this post with others and comment in the comment section. Be Happy.






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