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Delmar’s Case Study Series: Medical-Surgical Nursing, 2nd Edition PDF Free

The book Delmar’s Case Study Series: Medical-Surgical Nursing is written by Gina M Ankner. Delmar’s case study series was created to encourage nurses to bridge the gap between content knowledge and clinical application. The products in the series represent the most innovative and comprehensive approach ever developed to nursing case studies. Each title has been written by experienced nursing educators and clinicians who understand the complexities of nursing practice as well as the challenges of teaching and learning. All cases are based on real life clinical scenarios and require reflection and “action” on the part of the nurse. Each case takes the user to the clinical scenario and invites the user to use the nursing process considering all the variables that influence the client’s condition and the care that will be provided. Each case also represents a unique set of variables, to offer a breadth of learning experiences and capture the reality of nursing practice. To measure the progression of a user’s knowledge and critical thinking ability, the cases have been classified by level of difficulty. Each section begins with basic cases and continues with more advanced scenarios, presenting learning and practice opportunities for students and professionals alike.
All cases have been peer-reviewed to ensure that as many variables as possible are represented in a truly realistic manner and that each case reflects consistency with the realities of modern nursing practice.


Topics of this Edition

Part 1 The Cardiovascular System & the Blood
Part 2 The Respiratory System
Part 3 The Nervous/Neurological System
Part 4 The Sensory System
Part 5 The Integumentary System
Part 6 The Digestive System
Part 7 The Urinary System
Part 8 The Endocrine/Metabolic System
Part 9 The Skeletal System
Part 10 The Muscular System
Part 11 The Reproductive System
Part 12 Multi-System Failure

Overview of Delmar’s Case Study Series: Medical-Surgical Nursing

Bridge the gap between knowledge and clinical application with the DELMAR CASE STUDY SERIES: MEDICAL-SURGICAL NURSING 2ND EDITION. This collection of twenty-two unique and provocative real-life scenarios emphasizes holistic nursing care as it helps hone critical thinking skills and strengthens clinical competence. Each case contains an introductory “blueprint” of variables to consider when evaluating a particular scenario: pertinent information about the client, the nursing protocol, and the care setting. Every blueprint and case is different, just as every clinical situation is unique. As you simulate the actual decision-making process, you’ll gain valuable experience making informed clinical judgments. The accompanying answers and rationale for each case provide insight into excellent nursing practice and can be used for remediation and discussion.



Book Name Delmar’s Case Study Series: Medical-Surgical Nursing
Author of Book Gina M Ankner
Edition 2nd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Delmar's Case Study Series: Medical-Surgical Nursing



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