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Davis’s Comprehensive Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests (9th Ed) Free Pdf Download

This book Davis’s Comprehensive Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests is written by Anne M. Van Leeuwen MA BS MT (ASCP), Mickey L. Bladh RN MSN. Laboratory and diagnostic tests. The words themselves often conjure up cold, impersonal images of needles, specimens lined up in collection bins, and high-tech electronic equipment. But they are not alone. They are tied, tied and speak of health or disease in the blood and tissue of a person. Laboratory and diagnostic studies increase the health care provider’s assessment of the quality of an individual’s physical being. Test results guide plans and interventions aimed at strengthening the quality of life and resiliency.

Beyond the rumbling noise of the MRI, the cold steel of the X-ray table, the sting of the needle, the invasive buildup of fluid and tissue, and the probing and inspection, is the gathering of evidence that supports the ability of the health care provider to discern the course of a disease and the progression of its treatment. However, laboratory and diagnostic data must be viewed with consideration and compassion, just as with microscopes and machines. We must remember that behind the sample and the test result is the person from whom it comes, a person who is someone’s son, daughter, mother, father, husband, wife, or friend.



Book Name Davis’s Comprehensive Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests
Author of Book Anne M. Van Leeuwen MA BS MT (ASCP), Mickey L. Bladh RN MSN
Edition 9th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Overview of  Davis’s Comprehensive Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests

The best money I have spent in a long time. “I’m a nursing student and part of our clinical rotation was to write down our patients’ lab results and note down any abnormalities and why they were abnormal for my particular patient. This book lists not only normal levels but conditions that can contribute to high or low values. Sometimes it’s pages and pages of possible reasons. This baby is a fantastic time saver for me.”


Key features

  • Imaging studies with explanations of the reasons for the test result.
  • Pathophysiology information that explains why a laboratory test result is increased or decreased.
  • Reference ranges that are expressed in both conventional and SI units (with SI unit conversion factor) and include age and gender-specific variations where indicated and normal variations due to cultural considerations.
  • Interfering factors include foods, natural products, the timing of testing, sample handling, underlying patient conditions, and medications that may interfere with test results.
  • Unique coverage of laboratory and diagnostic tests for subspecialties, such as maternity, therapeutic drug monitoring, nutrition, and sensory.


Topics of this Edition

Laboratory/Diagnostic Procedural Checklist

  • Appendix A
    Patient Preparation and Specimen Collection
  • Appendix B
    Skin Assessment for Infection, Hematoma, and Pressure Damage
  • Appendix C
    The Human Microbiome: Patient Care Considerations for Nurses
  • Appendix D
    Laboratory Critical Findings
  • Appendix E
    Diagnostic Critical Findings





Davis's Comprehensive Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests



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