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Crystallization of lipids fundamentals and applications Pdf Free

Crystallization of lipids fundamentals and applications: This book is written by Kiyotaka Sato. You can download it freely in pdf format. An authoritative reference containing the most up-to-date information, approaches, and applications of lipid crystals
Crystallization of Lipids is a comprehensive resource that offers the latest and emerging knowledge, techniques, and applications of lipid crystals. With contributions from leading experts in the field, the text covers the basic investigation of polymorphic structures, molecular interactions, crystal nucleation and growth, and crystal lattice formation of lipid crystals that comprise the main functional materials used in the food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. pharmacist.

The authors highlight the alternative to trans fats and saturated fat reduction technology for lipid crystallization. These two problems are the most important challenges in food lipid application technology, and a key solution is lipid crystallization.


Book Name Crystallization of lipids fundamentals and applications
Author of Book Kiyotaka Sato
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmaceuticals Books


Overview of Crystallization of lipids fundamentals and applications Pdf Free

Kiyotaka SatoThe text focuses on the crystallization processes of lipids under various external influences of thermal fluctuation, ultrasound irradiation, shearing, emulsification, and additives. Designed to be practical, the information in the book can be applied to realistic applications of lipids in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. This authoritative and up-to-date guide:

  • Highlights state-of-the-art research tools designed to help analyze lipid crystallization with the most current and conventional techniques
  • Provides a comprehensive review of lipid crystal information, techniques, and applications.
  • Includes contributions from leading experts in the field of lipid crystals
  • Presents state-of-the-art information on the topics of saturated fat reduction technology and alternatives to trans fats.

Topics of this Edition

1 Introduction

2 Polymorphism of Lipid Crystals

3 Molecular Interactions and Mixing Phase Behavior of Lipid Crystals

4 Fundamental Aspects of Crystallization of Lipids

5 Supramolecular Assembly of Fat Crystal Networks from the Nanoscale to the Mesoscale

6 Effects of Dynamic Temperature Variations on Microstructure and Polymorphic Behavior of Lipid Systems

7 Lipid Crystal Networks Structured under Shear Flow

8 Tailoring Lipid Crystal Networks with High-Intensity Ultrasound

9 Effects of Foreign and Indigenous Minor Components

10 Crystallization Properties of Milk Fats

11 Crystallization Behavior of Sunflower Oil–Based Fats for Edible Applications

12 Physical Properties of Organogels Developed with Selected Low-Molecular-Weight Gelators

13 Formation and Properties of Biopolymer-Based Oleogels

14 Lipid Crystallization in Water-in-Oil Emulsions

15 Crystallization of Lipids in the Oil-in-Water Emulsion States

16 Lipid Crystals and Microstructures in Animal Meat Tissues

17 Conventional and New Techniques to Monitor Lipid Crystallization

About the Author

Kiyotaka Sato



Crystallization of lipids fundamentals and applications Pdf Free



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