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Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX [PDF Free]

If you’re a pharmacist and you want to get the license in America then you should know that you will never it before you pass the NAPLEX Exams. NAPLEX is your gateway to the pharmacy profession. You need a key to go through that door. NAPLEX Nuggets: Cliffnotes Study Guide is that key. Imagine having the best grades of your entire pharmacy school career in one place. This is what we envisioned when this book was created. I remember what it was like to study for NAPLEX. Overwhelming doesn’t begin to describe the feeling. Where do you start? How do you prioritize and review for this gigantic exam? When I’m preparing to take pharmacy exams, I find it very difficult to learn and retain information from “long-winded” review books. I find myself reading for 5-10 minutes and my mind starts to wander, not retaining anything I just read. Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX is written by Leaon Shargel and others.

This eighth edition of the Comprehensive Pharmacy Review PDF Free reflects the continuing evolution of pharmacy practice and educational requirements. The main purpose of the book is to provide a comprehensive study guide for pharmacy students and other candidates who are preparing for the North American Pharmacist Licensing Examination (NAPLEX). This volume represents the contributions of more than 50 specialists who bring extensive expertise in pharmaceutical science, pharmacy practice, and clinical pharmacy. Your contributions to Comprehensive Pharmacy Review ensure that this review guide is accurate, current, and written in an understandable way for students, teachers, and professionals alike. This review publication, along with the separate booklet for NAPLEX Mock Exams (Comprehensive Pharmacy Review Practice Exams, 8th Edition), provides guidance and test practice for NAPLEX candidates.


Book Name Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX pdf
Author of Book Leaon Shargel and others
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Category NAPLEX Exams Books



Overview of Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX

Today’s pharmacy education offers greater career opportunities for pharmacists than ever before. Pharmaceutical education, including pharmacy science and practice, should prepare pharmacy professionals for the future. Among the many career options for pharmacists include work in an academic pharmacy, community pharmacy, long-term care and consulting pharmacy, including hospice and home care, pharmaceutical and health care distributors, pharmaceutical industry, professional trade organizations, uniformed (public health) services, federal and state governments, hospital and institutional practice settings, managed care pharmacy, and other settings. In addition, pharmacists are actively involved in health care. Examples include medication counseling and therapy, disease state management and screening programs such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol along with the more traditional role of dispensing medications and educating patients. Many students enroll in pharmacy education programs that are combined with a business (MBA), research (Ph.D.), or law (JD) degree to provide opportunities in various pharmacy-related professions and other challenging fields. The Comprehensive Pharmacy Review is written primarily for NAPLEX candidates. However, the book is also intended for a broader audience of pharmacy students and health professionals seeking detailed summaries of pharmacy topics. A wide range of topics fundamental to the study of pharmacy (chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacy practice, pharmacotherapy) are organized parallel to the pharmacy curriculum and presented in outline form for ease of use. The Complete Pharmacy Review can be used as a quick review (or preview) of essential topics by a diverse group of readers, including:

Registered pharmacy students:

The organization and subject coverage of Comprehensive Pharmacy Review is such that many pharmacy students will want to purchase it in their first professional year and use it throughout their pharmacy education to prepare for course exams.

Instructors and preceptors:

Comprehensive Pharmacy Review also functions as an instructor’s manual and reference for teachers and tutors in pharmacy schools. Chapter outlines can be used to organize courses and plan specific conferences.

Professional pharmacists

Comprehensive Pharmacy Review offers physicians a handy manual of pharmaceutical information. It can be used as a refresher course and as a source of recent information on pharmacy practice. Appendices include information on dispensing prescriptions, common prescription drugs, and general pharmacy references.

Foreign pharmacy graduates:

Comprehensive Pharmacy Review provides a source of up-to-date information on pharmaceutical science, pharmacy practice, and clinical pharmacy for foreign pharmacy graduates who may be candidates for the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalence Examination (FPGEE). Appendices include prescription dispensing information, common prescription drugs, and general pharmacy references.

Updates in New Edition

The continuing evolution of pharmacy practice is reflected in the licensing exams developed by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) to assess the competency of pharmacy candidates. For this reason, we requested and obtained permission from the NABP to reproduce the NABP Examination Proficiency Statements (NAPLEX) on the cover of this issue of Comprehensive Pharmacy Review. Due to significant advances in pharmacotherapy since the publication of the last edition, this edition has been revised to reflect current educational and competency requirements for a successful career in pharmacy. Many of the chapters have been revised to represent the latest understanding of the disease and therapeutic management. New chapters such as Pain Management including Migraines, Liver Disorders, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, and Women’s Health have been added to reflect the needs of special populations. The addition of the Biostatistics and Evaluation of the Medical Literature chapter provides a basis for the evaluation of new therapeutic fractions that will be commercialized in the future.

What type of Materials are Needed For Test Preparation

When preparing for an exam, most students collect too much study material, only to find that they simply don’t have time to read it all. They are defeated before they start because they can’t finish all the material, leaving areas unstudied, or they run through the material so fast that they can’t benefit from the activity. It is usually more efficient for the student to use materials that they already have on hand, i.e. lecture notes, a good outline to cover and strengthen all areas and quickly go through the entire topic, and a good text for reference. for complex material that requires additional explanation. Additionally, many students attempt to memorize too much information, rather than learn and understand less material and then rely on that learned information to determine answers to questions at test time. Relying too much on memorized material causes anxiety, and the more anxious students are during a test, the less knowledge learned is likely to be used.

How to Download

You can download free Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX PDF only for study purposes

Just click on the download button and you will land on a page. Just wait for a few seconds and then a download button will appear. You need to click on that one and downloading will start automatically. In case failed, refresh the page and again repeat the procedure.



Comprehensive Pharmacy Review for NAPLEX



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