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Clinical Skills For Pharmacists – A Patient-Focused Approach (3rd Edition) PDF Free Download

The book Clinical Skills For Pharmacists – A Patient-Focused Approach is written by Karen J. Tietze. In the preface to the first edition of Clinical Skills for Pharmacists, I described how the book developed, the organization, structure, and format of the book, as well as my hopes for the book. I ended the preface by stating that the book was a work in progress and that all suggestions for improvement were welcome. 

I thought the book was unique and hoped that it would find a useful niche within the profession, but I was not sure of its acceptance. I was quite surprised by the overwhelmingly positive response to the first two editions of the book. Although my students love to point out the occasional typo or inconsistency, feedback on the style and content has always been positive. The book has found a niche as a unique compilation of skills-related topics and is a companion to physical assessment, pharmacotherapy, and ethics practice manuals and textbooks.



Key features

  • Coverage of clinical skills prepares you for further involvement with patients and for increased counseling and physical assessment responsibilities, including discussion of communication, obtaining medical history, physical assessment, review of laboratory and diagnostic tests, and monitoring of drug treatments.
  • A logical organization promotes skill development, and the development of each new skill builds on previous skills.
  • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter highlight important topics.
  • Self-assessment questions at the end of each chapter help gauge your understanding of the learning objectives.
  • Professional codes of ethics are described in the Ethics in Pharmacy and Health Care chapter, including confidentiality, HIPAA, research ethics, drug ethics and promotion, and the use of advance directives in decisions about the end of life. of life.
  • Numerous tables summarize key and routinely needed information.


Topics of this Edition

Chapter 1 – Introduction: The Practice of Clinical Pharmacy
Chapter 2 – Communication Skills for the Pharmacist
Chapter 3 – Taking Medication Histories
Chapter 4 – Physical Assessment Skills
Chapter 5 – Review of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests
Chapter 6 – The Patient Case Presentation
Chapter 7 – Therapeutics Planning
Chapter 8 – Monitoring Drug Therapies
Chapter 9 – Researching and Providing Drug Information
Chapter 10 – Ethics in Pharmacy and Health Care

Overview of Clinical Skills For Pharmacists – A Patient-Focused Approach

Covering the skills necessary for pharmaceutical care in a patient-focused pharmacy setting, Clinical Skills for Pharmacists: A Patient-Focused Approach, 3rd Edition outlines foundational skills such as communication, physical assessment, and laboratory and diagnostic reporting, as well as such as the presentation of the patient’s case. , therapeutic planning, and monitoring of drug intake. Numerous case examples show how the skills are applied in clinical situations. Now in full color, this edition adds more illustrations and new coverage on taking a medication history, physical evaluation, biomarkers, and medication information. Expert author Karen J. Tietze provides unique, pharmacy-specific coverage to help you prepare for NAPLEX and feel confident during patient encounters.




Book Name Clinical Skills For Pharmacists – A Patient-Focused Approach
Author of Book  Karen J. Tietze
Edition 3rd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Clinical Skills For Pharmacists - A Patient-Focused Approach



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