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Business Law Terms CTAE (Presentation slides) Pdf Free

Business Law Terms (Presentation) is written by CTAE which you can download freely in pdf format. This presentation briefly describes about: 

Civil law versus criminal law
• Civil law: a non-governmental corporation or an individual files the lawsuit and becomes a plaintiff; burden of proof on the plaintiff
• Criminal Law—Government-Filed Litigation (prosecution); burden of proof on the state (government).






Book Name Business Law Terms (Presentation) 
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Overview of Business Law Terms (Presentation) Pdf Free

Contractual Elements
• Mutual consent—“meeting of the minds”
• Offer and Acceptance
• Mutual consideration: exchange of something of value
• Performance or Delivery
• Good faith
• No violation of public policy
• Serious crimes that can be punished by more than a year in prison or death
• Examples of felonies: murder, robbery, shoplifting/larceny, arson, larceny, embezzlement, receipt of stolen property, forgery, conspiracy, computer crime, identity theft, telephone crime.

Topics of this Presentation

Criminal Law
Contract Law
Law of Torts



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Business Law Terms (Presentation) Pdf Free



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