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Business Law I Essentials Pdf Free

The Business Law I Essentials is a short introductory textbook you can download freely in pdf format is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of Business Law or Legal Environment of Business courses.  The concepts are presented in a simplified manner and cover the key concepts needed to establish a solid foundation in the subject. The textbook follows a traditional approach to the study of business law. Each chapter contains learning objectives, explanatory concepts and narratives, references for further reading, and end-of-chapter questions.

Business Law I Essentials may need to be supplemented with additional content, cases, or related materials, and is offered as a foundational resource that focuses on core concepts, issues, and approaches.


Book Name Business Law I Essentials Pdf Free
Author of Book OpenStax
Language English
Format PDF
Category Commercial Laws


Overview of Business Law I Essentials Pdf Free

The American legal system has its roots in the British legal system. It was developed for the purpose of setting standards for acceptable conduct, outlawing punishment for violations as a deterrent, establishing enforcement systems, and resolving disputes peacefully. The ultimate goal of the American legal system is the promotion of the common good.
The American legal system follows the British common law system, which is designed to build on prior judicial reasoning, while also promoting fairness through consistency. Judges in the Common Law system helped shape the law through their rulings and interpretations. This body of past decisions is known as case law. Judges use case law to inform their own rulings. In fact, judges rely on precedent, that is, previous court rulings on similar cases, to rule on their own cases.

Topics of this Edition

Chapter 1 American Law, Legal Reasoning, and the Legal System
Chapter 2 Disputes and Dispute Settlement
Chapter 3 Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Chapter 4 Business and the United States Constitution
Chapter 5 Criminal Liability
Chapter 6 The Tort System
Chapter 7 Contract Law
Chapter 8 Sales Contracts
Chapter 9 Employment and Labor Law
Chapter 10 Government Regulation
Chapter 11 Antitrust Law
Chapter 12 Unfair Trade Practices and the Federal Trade Commission
Chapter 13 International Law
Chapter 14 Securities Regulation

About the Author

OpenStax course materials are the most widely used OER textbooks in the world. OpenStax is a nonprofit educational initiative based at Rice University whose mission is to give every student the tools they need to be successful in the classroom. OpenStax publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed, open-licensed college and high school textbooks that are completely free online and inexpensive in print, with most available in hardcover print formats. Full color and black and white paperback.
XanEdu has been selected by OpenStax to be their Premier Print Partner. Through partnerships with philanthropic foundations and alliances with other educational resource companies, OpenStax strives to break down the most common barriers to learning, as they believe that a well-educated society benefits us all.


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Business Law I Essentials Pdf Free



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