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Best Gun Combination in PUBG Lite – Pairs of Weapons

Best Gun combination in PUBG Lite – Pairs of Weapons

One of the most compelling things about this game is the PUBG mobile light weapon. PUBG Mobile Lite targets players with a wide range of weapons and jewelry to adapt to their style. Nevertheless, if you have recently ventured into this game, don’t miss out on composing the perfect PUBG mobile lite weapon for beginners that blinks in the eyes of this article. We shall discuss PUBG Mobile Lite: The Ideal Combination Of Weapons in this article.

In general, PUBG Mobile Lite provides players with a wide range of weapons. Each type has its own uses. So, we will give you some tips and tricks to introduce you to PUBG Mobile Lite. Properly assembled weapons will give you a ton of help in battle. Even so, it is difficult for newborns to use every weapon to track their first decision. In this article, we will match and present a combination of the 3 best PUBG mobile lite weapons combinations for beginners in the accompanying article.

Best Gun combination in PUBG Lite Game

M416 and S12K

in The Ideal Combination Of Weapons in PUBG Lite first comes M416 and S12K pair. M416 is the most liked weapon in both PUBG Mobile and PUBG Lite Mobile games. in Pubg Lite M416 is my favorite weapon according to sensitivity and target the enemies.


The M416, by far, is one of the most used guns in PUBG mobiles. The gun is preferred by most players because of its low cost, respectable damage, and fire rate. The M416 also has five adjacent slots, making it a highly versatile weapon. M416 is very effective in the long-range with a Scope of 3X. With the scope of 3x and (sensitivity on high) performs the best to target the enemies.


The S12K is a very sharp shotgun and you can add more magazines. This is an incredible decision for learners who are bad at pointing out the basis that you can constantly tap to shoot in close proximity. Sega-12K (the game is known as S12K) has a shotgun in BATTLEGROUNDS. A semi-automatic, magazine-fed 12-gauge shotgun, can do somewhat more obscene damage over a wide area because it doesn’t have to manually cycle between shots. S12K is the best weapon to use in PUBG lite when you are in a room. S12K Shortguj is very effective in close range. ItsĀ fire is so fast and his voice keeps the enemy in the thread.


Scar-L and UMP9

Most new players need to claim 2 firearms which will result in the return of PUBG mobiles. Thus, the AR and SMG scroll is a decisive decision. Like the M416, the Scar L is a fireworks display that fires 5.56mm shots with great speed, great damage, and little power. As for SMG, nothing can beat UMP9. This firearm burns at an astonishingly fast rate without any withdrawal, promising to defeat opponents quickly in the short term.




Kar98k and M416

Best Gun combination in PUBG Lite As mentioned, the M416 is a terrific firearm that can perform well in confrontation and medium-range combat. All it takes is a good shot or a good shot. That way, most players would associate it with a DMR or a Marksman rifle. For new bids, we suggest you use Kark98k. It’s a very easy combo, yet it works great. Practice careful identification, have a great viewfinder, you are fully prepared at this time.


Players can use KAR98K in mid-range combat with ways to advance the enemy after hitting deadly shots from the snapper. Like the AWM, the Car 98 has a high reload speed but the bullet speed is also slow. Sniper presses and cheek pads are some of the recommended attachments.

These are the Best Gun combination in PUBG Lite which are discussed above. All pro players use these best weapons Paris in PUBG LITE Version. I personally also use these pairs. You can compete with these weapons on every server of the game especially Asia Server which is really tough.


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