The Solution of Anspress Plugin Answer Section is Not Working

Anspress fixing problem

The solution of Anspress Plugin Answer Section is Not Working | Fixed it

Anspress is the Free Question Answer plugin. No doubt it is one of the best plugins on the WordPress platform. 4000+ Anspress has active installations. But If you visit the plugin page on WordPress you will find most of the comments to asking that “How to fix the Anspress Plugin Anser Section is not working”.

In simple words, they are facing problems in which the answer section is not working and users unable to write the answer to any question.

In this problem cursor just rotating and it does not show anything. I


I also faced this problem on my website domain I decided to uninstall the plugin but It was not easy because I worked hard on this plugin. Ans also decide to use this plugin after deep researching on it.

Anspress answer not working


As you can see in the image people are looking for the solution of Answer Section is not working.


The solution of Anspress Answer Box:

As earlier I told me that I also faced this problem for many days.

Near to me, this problem is occurred due to plugins confliction.

  • Disabled all the plugins except Anspress.
  • After that active one by one plugin, in other words, activate one plugin, and after that check whether Ans Box is working or not.
  • Similarly, do it one by one and you will probably found the solution.

First of I recommended you disabled or uninstall the Jetpack plugin. When I disabled it my problem was solved.


If you have found the solution then must tell me in the comment box. 🙂


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Anspress Plugin Answer Section is Not Working

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