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An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 5th Edition PDF Free download

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 5th Edition Graham L Patrick is another massive Pharma book and you can get this Pharmaceutical book free in pdf format. This text is intended for students and postgraduates who have a basic knowledge of chemistry and are studying a module or degree in medicinal chemistry. It attempts to convey, in a readable and interesting style, an understanding of drug design and the molecular mechanisms by which drugs act in the body. In doing so, he underlines the importance of medicinal chemistry for all of our lives and the fascination of working in a field that overlaps with the disciplines of chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, cell biology and pharmacology. Therefore, the book is of particular interest to students who are considering a later career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Book Name An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 5th Edition
Author of Book Graham L. Patrick
Edition 5th Edition
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmaceuticals books


An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry is the leading university course textbook on the subject. Loved by both students and faculty alike for its more informative content, this book provides complete coverage in an accessible and engaging style.


Features of An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 5th Edition

Following the success of the first four editions, as well as user feedback from readers, there has been some re-organization and updating of chapters, especially those in Part E. Chapters have been modified, as appropriate, to reflect contemporary topics and teaching methods. This includes

  • new coverage of 99 drugs not featured in the previous edition;
  • six new boxes, covering topics such ‘Cyclodextrins as drug scavengers’,
  • Th e structure-based drug design of crizotinib, and ‘Designing a non-steroidal glucocorticoid agonist’;
  • a new case study on steroidal anti-inflammatory agents;
  • over 25 new sections, providing additional depth in subject areas including ‘Tethers and anchors’ and ‘Short-acting β-blockers’;
  • additional end-of-chapter questions; • current reference lists. We have also made significant changes to the Online Resource Centre, adding 40 molecular modeling exercises and 16 web articles.


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Topics of this Edition

List of boxes
Acronyms and abbreviations
1 Drug and drug targets: an overview
PART A: Drug targets
PART B: Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics
PART C: Drug discovery, design, and development
PART D: Tools of the trade
PART E: Selected topics in medicinal chemistry
APPENDIX 1 Essential amino acids
APPENDIX 2 The standard genetic code
APPENDIX 3 Statistical data for quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR)
APPENDIX 4 The action of nerves
APPENDIX 5 Microorganisms
APPENDIX 6 Drugs and their trade names
APPENDIX 7 Trade names and drugs
APPENDIX 8 Hydrogen bonding interactions
APPENDIX 9 Drug properties


An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 5th Edition PDF Free download


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