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The book American Nero is written by Richard Painter and Peter Golenbock. Painter and Golenbock present a clear description of the rule of law, possibly the most important principle underlying our civilization. They also describe abuses of power that have occurred throughout our nation’s history. Beginning in Puritan New England with the infamous Salem witch trials, American Nero makes vivid stops at The Red Scare of the 1920s, Japanese-American internment, the McCarthy era, and, much more recently, President Trump’s attempted violating the First Amendment by prohibiting Muslims from entering the US.
While Trump is not the first offender, he is arguably the most brazen, and this unflinchingly honest and insightful work lays out in devastating detail the ways our current president has trampled on the rule of law with his attacks on press freedom, the independence of the judiciary and the autonomy of the justice department.


Topics of this Edition

Introduction: Three Narcissists: One Ancient, One Colonial, and One Modern
Chapter 1: The Rule of Law in America
Chapter 2: Assaults on the Rule of Law in Early America
Chapter 3: The Civil War and Its Legacy
Chapter 4: Immigration, the Red Scare, and Japanese American Internment
Chapter 5: Russian Assault on the Rule of Law
Chapter 6: The Nazi Assault on the Rule of Law
Chapter 7: McCarthyism
Chapter 8: Race and the Rule of Law
Chapter 9: The Phony War: Science vs. Religion
Chapter 10: The Stain of Vietnam
Chapter 11: Tricky Dick and Dirty Tricks
Chapter 12: Iran Contra
Chapter 13: The Clinton Impeachment
Chapter 14: W
Chapter 15: “But Her Email …”
Chapter 16: Who Is Donald Trump?
Chapter 17: A Man of Many Assets or a Foreign Asset?
Chapter 18: Draining the Swamp
Chapter 19: The Steele Dossier and More: The Trump-Russia Connection
Chapter 20: Russia Hacks the World
Chapter 21: Putin Crowns Our President
Chapter 22: Lies, Alternative Facts, Fake News, and the Free Press
Chapter 23: Trump the Campaigner
Chapter 24: Blowing Up Bridges, Building Walls
Chapter 25: Two Tragic Figures
Chapter 26: Robert Mueller: Trump’s Worst Nightmare
Chapter 27: The Battle to Stop Robert Mueller
Chapter 28: The Supreme Court
Chapter 29: Barr’s Inside Job
Chapter 30: The Mueller Report
Chapter 31: Ukraine, China, Syria, and More

About the Author

Richard Painter, a former Republican who is now an Independent, worked in the George W. Bush administration as Associate Counsel to the President in the White House Counsel’s Office from February 2005 to July 2007. His specialties are Government Ethics, Ethics of business, and ethics of lawyers. Since Donald Trump began his run for the presidency in 2016, Painter has been an outspoken critic of candidate Trump and President Trump, frequently appearing on such popular cable news stations as CNN and MSNBC. The author of two books, he has also appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered and was recently a guest on The Bill Maher Show. Norman Eisen, President Barack Obama’s chief ethics officer, described Painter as “the nation’s number one scholar on government ethics.” Painter, like the president, has a loyal and dedicated following on Twitter. Peter Golenbock is the author of 10 New York Times bestsellers. Among these are American Prince with Tony Curtis and Presumed Guilty with Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s lawyer. Golenbock lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he is an adjunct professor of history at the University of South Florida, St. Pete campus.


Overview of American Nero

Donald Trump is eroding the rule of law! We have heard it said many times, and we can feel it in our guts. But what does “rule of law” really mean? And what happens when it breaks? From Richard Painter, a Senate candidate and law professor who served as the White House’s senior ethics adviser under President George W. Bush, and New York Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock, American Nero is a deep exploration of the rule of law: the legal framework. foundation on which this country was founded.



Book Name American Nero
Author of Book Richard Painter, Peter Golenbock
Edition N/A
Language English
Format PDF
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