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Adult Health Nursing 9th Edition PDF Free Download

The book Adult Health Nursing is written by Kim Cooper, and Kelly Gosnell. The ninth edition of Adult Health Nursing was developed to educate the practical/vocational nursing student in the nursing fundamentals necessary to competently and safely care for a wide variety of patients in diverse settings. As the level of knowledge and responsibility of LPNs/LVNs increases in all healthcare settings, from acute to community care, it is essential that a text such as Adult Health Nursing be available to educate the student on the increasing demands of this profession.
This full-color supplemental text to Fundamentals of Nursing provides the necessary knowledge base for LPN/LVN role expansion while remaining accessible, clearly written, easy to use, and portable. This new edition has been revised to incorporate the most current and clinically relevant information available.
Ultimately, we believe that nursing will always be as much an art as it is a science. This philosophy is reflected throughout the text.


Topics of this Edition

1 – Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
2 – Care of the Surgical Patient
3 – Care of the Patient With an Integumentary Disorder
4 – Care of the Patient With a Musculoskeletal Disorder
5 – Care of the Patient With a Gastrointestinal Disorder
6 – Care of the Patient With a Gallbladder, Liver, Biliary Tract, or Exocrine Pancreatic Disorder
7 – Care of the Patient With a Blood or Lymphatic Disorder
8 – Care of the Patient With a Cardiovascular or a Peripheral Vascular Disorder
9 – Care of the Patient With a Respiratory Disorder
10 – Care of the Patient With a Urinary Disorder
11 – Care of the Patient With an Endocrine Disorder
12 – Care of the Patient With a Reproductive Disorder
13 – Anatomic Structures and Physiologic Functions of the Visual System
14 – Care of the Patient With a Neurologic Disorder
15 – Care of the Patient With an Immune Disorder
16 – Care of the Patient With HIV
17 – Care of the Patient With Cancer

Overview of Adult Health Nursing

Master the LPN/LVN Role and Responsibilities in Medical-Surgical Nursing! With coverage organized by body systems, Adult Health Nursing, 9th Edition provides an essential guide to nursing care for patients with common disorders. Using the nursing process, you will develop clinical judgment skills to assess patient needs, develop nursing care plans, and plan effective nursing interventions. Case studies provide practice with critical thinking and clinical judgment, and new next-generation NCLEX® format questions help you apply theory to practice. Written by nursing educators Kim Cooper and Kelly Gosnell, this text also helps you prepare for success on the NCLEX-PN® exam.



Book Name Adult Health Nursing
Author of Book Kim Cooper, Kelly Gosnell
Edition 9th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing Books



Adult Health Nursing



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