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Is Profile Backlinks Still have worth in SEO?

Before know about profile backlinks current worth we need to understand basically what does mean profile link? What are the profile backlinks? Profile backlinks in the name refer to placing your website backlinks in a public profile that you create on the platform by signing up for free. or Backlink profiles are the various connections that instant visitors make to your site. Backlink profiles also qualify other connectivity features, regardless of the number of backlinks.   Pros of profile backlinks Profile backlinks help Google crawl your website faster: One of the first and best benefits of profile backlinks can be, With profile backlinks, if your website is brand new, it helps Google crawlers and bots to visit your website faster and crawl your website soone...

How to download inspiring books in pdf free

There are many websites where you can get free inspiring books in pdf. Inspiring books like Life-changing books Motivational Books Inspiring stories Self Improvement Life lesson books you can check some Inspiring books here. Sometimes you have hidden talents and abilities but you don't know bout them. When you get stuck in a mess, you need someone to listen to you, without judgment and to fill you with words of wisdom and encouragement, which restores your self-confidence and confidence. ۔ A book through carefully chosen words or a central character who never gives up despite all the difficulties and obstacles and emerges for struggle and success is the best form of encouragement that we humans need to see. The book proves the invincibility and victory of the human ...

What is Google Ads strike-based system 2021 and It’s purpose

Basically, this is a new announcement for Google advertisers. Google advertisers mean those who use good ad service and run their ads through google and pay to google for it. According to Google, They are going to start a new strike-base system for those who repeat after repeat violates Google Ads policies. This service will start in September 2021. Working will begin implementing the strike-based system on September 21, 2021, which will gradually formulate the following policies over a period of 3 months: Dishonesty, Unauthorized Substances, Guns, Gun Parts Activity and Related Products, Explosives, other Google ads and tobacco. Over time, the policy coverage of the strike-based system will be expanded to include additional policies and advertisers will be notified whenever new poli...

Can we run Android Apps in Windows 11?

Yes, you can use android Applications in Windows 11. As we know Microsoft has launched a new Windows 11 and it is in the initial stage so there are many questions are being asked like the above-mentioned question. Many people are looking for such types of questions e.g How to register original Windows 11 and how to use android Applications in Windows 11 without any third-party software. Click here to read all questions related to Windows 11 here  

What are Minimum system requirements for Windows 11?

It's really good to hear that Microsoft has officially launched Windows 11. So here are the Minimum system requirements and capability to install Windows 11.   Memory 4 GB RAM Processor 1 (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC) Hard Disk/Storage 64 GB or larger storage device Graphics card WDDM 2.x/ DirectX 12 compatible graphics System firmware Secure Boot capable (UEFI) TPM Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 Display HD Resolution (720p)  

Does the Samsung S6 S Pen work with the S6 Lite tablet?

You can use the Samsung S Pen with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Tablet to create and edit work and navigate through files on the device's 10.4-inch display meanwhile, the Penup app also works seamlessly with S Pen so you can sketch, colour, share drawings, and gain access from other app users.

How to Get AdSense approve on Free pdf book website?

It was a time when google demand only one website for approval and after getting Adsense approval you can add any website without approval and review. But Since 2017 - 2018 google Adsense always review every new website before showing ads. Now google become more restricted and google doesn't approve any website who deal with copyright content. Here is clearly mentioned by google How to Get Approved for PDF E-book Site: I recommend you to first you should post 20 to 30 articles that contain a minimum of 600 words. It would be better if there are 1000+ words. If you have a new domain then apply after 3 months so your domain can be indexed in google. After getting approval you can put your desired data. Try to drive organic traffic to your website. In some cases, or...

How to type an experiene letter? Copy Paste here

If you don't have any experience of writing a letter How to type an experience letter then I shall write for you here in a simple way. You can copy and paste in notepad and then move it to MS Word change the name and designation and date and your letter is ready.   Experience Certificate  This is to certify that Xhaami Malik S/O Mohammad Qasim has been working as an “Assistant Accountant” in this Organization from 01-06-2020 to 31-08-2021. During his stay with us, we found him a hardworking and energetic young man. We are confident that with his hard work and submissive conduct, He can prove himself successful in any organization. We pray for his better future.   Company ABC   Downlaod DOCX file of How to write experience letter Expereince letter file ...


Yes It's a really simple method to apply in FIA Jobs (Federal Investigation Agency) First of all, let me clarify that when jobs are published by any department procedure of application is mentioned on it and how to apply for that job is as well. Sometimes you have to apply through courier and sometimes they ask to apply online. If FIA asks for an online application then here is the procedure. 01. Goto official webiste of FIA 02. Create an account there 03. See the image and fill in all the information 04. a code will be sent on your mobile or email ID fill that and click on submit. Note If you have a problem with captcha then use the Mozilla Firefox browser. Further information Applicants are advised to use e-mail identities other...