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10 Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 11 – You should know

After the success of Windows 10 now Microsoft has launchedĀ  Windows 11. Most of us are running Microsoft’s current OS for the foreseeable future. And even if you use it every day, there is always more to learn. Many people want to know about the new features of Windows 11 and how to use them. In his article 10 Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 11, we shall try to discuss new features of Wind 11 and 10 hidden tricks also will be discussed later in this article.


Windows 11 Features:

With Microsoft’s Windows 11 upgrade, Android apps, Snap layout, widgets, and more new features are coming to PC soon.

Windows 11 comes with a new design and a bunch of new features aimed at making your computer easier and helping you be more productive, whether you’re using your laptop or tablet at home or in the office.

Here are some of the best Windows 11 features we’ve announced so far, based on what Microsoft has demonstrated, and how you’ll use them. We will update this post with more good instructions when the beta version comes out next week and we can try them ourselves. Check out how to installĀ  Windows 11, and the compatibility of your PC here.


Run Android apps in Windows 11

Andorid apps in windows11

Android apps will be built locally in Windows 11 through the new Microsoft Store. Although in certain cases you can access Android apps on your Windows 10 PC (such as if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone), Windows 11 marks the first time everyone downloads them directly to their computer. Will be able to (Here’s everything to learn about the Android app on Windows 11.)

How to use these Apps:

Android apps will be in the new Microsoft Store through Amazon’s App Store. That means you’ll need to download the Amazon App Store to access the nearly 500,000 apps available there, including Disney Plus, Tic Tac Toe, Netflix, Pinterest, Ober, and more. However, you won’t be able to access every Android app in the Google Play Store.

To get started, you’ll need to download and sign in to the Amazon App Store or create an Amazon account. You will then be able to find free or paid apps on any other platform. Android apps will be integrated into the Start bar and will also appear on the Taskbar with Windows.



Widgets in Win 11

Windows 11 will include widgets in the interface – an AI-powered custom feed that slides to show you information like news, weather, a glimpse of your calendar and to-do list, and your recent photos. Widgets are similar to a news feature and interest in the latest Windows 10 update.

Widgets in Win 11

On the newly designed taskbar, you will find a button for widgets. When you click or tap it, a panel will slide to the left of your screen with a series of widgets that provide you with the information you are looking for. You can also expand it to full screen.

Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Windows 11 Microsoft’s video chat platform teams will build directly into the operating system, making it easier to use on a daily basis. You can connect with others on teams on Windows, Android, Mac or iOS.

Teams will now come to the taskbar. Click on the teams icon to launch the chat tool, letting you choose if you want to make a message, text, voice or video call from one of your contacts. Click on Mate or Chat, and choose who you want to contact. Or, open the full version of Microsoft Teams by clicking on the box at the bottom of the chat screen.


New Action Center

Windows is another feature, it follows a design language that we have seen on mobile oses, and I like this mobile’s first approach to the main system toggles. Now you can click on the “WiFi, Volume and Battery” button to open the new action center. It packs all the necessary controls including brightness and volume sliders. You can also add more toggles than ever.

 mobile-first approach in windows 11

The hat is more interesting than the Bluetooth connection is now faster, and you do not need to sink into settings to add your device. This seed support includes notifications in a clean design and then offers enough space to respond or clear. Not to mention, the New Action Center is responsible for Laggy MESS which was the action center of Windows 10.


Modern File Explorer

 Modern File Explorer view in win 11

File Explorer on Windows is an important approach between Windows users. This is also one of the hidden tricks of Windows 11. Diehard fan file has refused any change in the Explorer, which indicates why it is to change something to change if it works well. He said, it really needs a modern change, and I’m glad to report that the new file explorer is active and all the features you need. You have colorful new icons, a new context menu, and a command bar above, which replaces the current ribbon menu bar.

Actually, for those who are thinking, Microsoft has also kept the folder options options options options options. And you can also edit the old context menu (please remember “more errors” on “. Frauds of Wonderzers, really come true with Voddus 11, but Microsoft did not do it with all its features.


Snap Layouts

When you are working in a group of open windows, Windows 11 will let you arrange them in different layouts on the screen and save all these windows in this setting.

Snap Layouts in win 11

When you open the window, you will see a button that looks like a square in the upper right corner, between x and minimal buttons. Click to view different layout options for this window, and select the layout and position inside the layout that you want to keep this window.



Faster Windows Updates

es, you read right. With Windows 11, thank you for the background installation mechanism, you will have a quick windows update process. Microsoft has promised that windows updates will now be 40% smaller, this process will also be more efficient.


Touch Keyboard Improvements

keyboard layouts in win 11 for personalisation

We know that Microsoft has removed the tablet mode from Windows 11, and for a good reason. He now has developed a united interface that works for both desktop and tablet form factors. To enhance the tablet experience, the Touch Keyboard has received some important fixes in Windows. It includes topics, background image, text size, typing behavior, and more customizing ability. So if you have a Windows Tablet, Windows 11 is a new experience for your device.

Auto HDR and Dynamic Refresh Rate

Auto HDR and Dynamic Refresh Rate

A part of it, Windows 11 has brought the dynamic refresh rate on Windows 11 so that we offer a smooth and fluid experience with OS. My monitor supports a refreshing rate of up to 75Hz, and I was able to take advantage of this feature in Windows 11 22000.51. So yes, smooth, high update rate windows machines are very close, and I definitely encourage them.


Gesture Controls

Gesture Controls of windows 11

The signals have long been part of Windows 10, but it is clearly speaking, they were not very smooth, and transitions between apps and virtual desktops were terrible. With the need for new advanced signal control and mandatory precision touchpad for Windows 11, things can be better. Now, you can customize three fingers and four fingers according to your preferences.

We will update more content as Microsoft once in this article 10 Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 11 bookmark this page soon more content will be available. Thank you.







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