10 Best Educational Mobile Apps for Learning Purpose

10 Best Educational Mobile Apps for Learning Purpose

According to a survey of
McGraw-Hil. There are 75% of students who use modern devices e.g Smart Phone,
Tablets, laptops to improve their study progress. Most of them told that they
get help for the preparation of class due to the use of these devices.
These interesting and
informative Applications allow the students to learn easily and keep them
connected with the study.
We Know our generation is
addicted to Smartphones. They spend hours and hours using it. So if they
use these applications these must help the students in many matters.
 So here are the 10 Best Educational Mobile Apps


10. Evernote

This is among the top free instruction applications and it was introduced in 2008. It’s been mainstream from that point forward. There have been a few updates as of late in the application which enable more opportunity to the clients. The application offers a straightforward and clean interface that is ideal for understudies. They can take notes, plan daily agendas, make updates and motivation, and acquire access to any information. There is additionally a camera include which likewise demonstrates incredibly supportive. The client can snap any report, business card or a note.

ever-note image

You can do:

  • Take notes anywhere. 
  • Find information faster
  • Share ideas with anyone
  • Meeting notes
  • web pages
  • projects
  • to-do lists—with Evernote as your note-taking app
  • nothing falls through the cracks
Download Link: Evernote Android
Download Link: Evernote IOS

09. Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana & Alexa

Everyone is using smartphone Android, Apple or Windows. Some
people don’t know they can get help by using these smartphones in daily
life. Google Assistant, Siri & Cortana are based on artificial
intelligence& virtual assistant.

google assistant-cortana-siri-alexa

you can aks them and they reply within a seconds and found the
exact information on your screen. You have to only press a button and speak
through mice and the result will be in front of you.
Google Assitant is introduced by Google, Siri by I-phone, Cortana
belongs to Microsoft and Alexa is the product of Amazon.

List of Skills:

You can perform the following task by using Google Assistant & others.
  • Make a Call
  • Send Text message by speaking 
  • Set a reminder
  • Create a note
  • Weather News
  • Use of Calculator
  • Check Financial Markets
  • Remember Important Info
  • Convert Units
  • Set Timers
  • Set Alarm
  • Get info about anything like Animals, pants, famous personalities so on
  • Find ATM, Restuarant, 
  • Play music
  • Some funny and informative games
  • Sports updates
  • Directions
  • Find the store and so many other things
Google assistant task list by webofinfo
Google assistant screenshot

08. Khan Academy

Academy offers practice works out, instructional recordings, and a customized
learning dashboard that enables students to learn at their very own pace in and
outside of the study hall.

khan academy image

Khan Academy handles math, science, computer
programming, history, art history, economics, and that’s only the tip of the
iceberg. Khan Academy math missions manage students from kindergarten to
analytics utilizing cutting edge, versatile innovation that distinguishes
qualities and learning holes. They’ve likewise partnered with organizations
like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and
MIT to offer specific substance.

Download Link: Android
Download Link: IOS

07. Wolfram

Wolfram app

Wolfram Αlpha is a computational knowledge engine or answer engine
developed by Wolfram Alpha LLC, a subsidiary of Wolfram Researcholfram Αlpha is
a computational knowledge engine or answer engine developed by Wolfram Alpha
LLC. (Wikipedia)
The application would utilize this colossal information to give
answers and get ready reports on numerous points from including yet not
constrained to folklore, ancestry, stargazing, and trigonometry, and so on. It
additionally makes charts with bit by bit data and clarification, and
subtleties of recipes. The Wolfram is an understudy’s closest companion and his

Download Link: Wolfram Android

06. Easy Bib

Easybib is
also another wonderful App. Easybib is an intuitive information literacy
platform that gives citation, be aware taking, and research tools which are
smooth-to-use and educational. Easybib isn’t simplest accurate, fast, and
complete, however enables educators train and college students learn how to
turn out to be powerful and organized researchers.
The EasyBib app would
provide the facility to a student to form the list of references in thousands
of citation styles including the MLA and APA formats
easybib image

Easybib is also available in chrome extension as well as in Android and Ios.

Download Link: Easybib Chrome Extention
Download Link: Easybib

05. My Study Life

is come on the 5 number in the list of Best Educational Mobile Apps for
Learning Purpose.

is really helpful for students however other people can also use it. Students
can organize Paper planning, Classes, Exams, Lecturers, Assignments and so on. Due
to its notification service students stay up to date with classes, Test, Exams

is very user-friendly App and can be used easily. My Study Life App also provides
the facility to classes to be color-coded in the calendar for usability.

Download Link: IOS App

04. MS Office Mobile App

Mobile App is for everyone. You can view your documents on your mobile instead
of a laptop or pc. You can also edit them. Sometimes we are in traveling and we got
an email from the office or any email regarding study from School, College so we
can read it easily. If changes are required then that task can be performed
instantly. So in this sense, this app is no doubt really helpful.
microsoft moible app

03. Duolingo

Duolingo image

is an addictive Application with fun. According
to Duolingo If 34 hours are spent on duolingo are equal to one semester of a university.
Duolingo is free app that increases knowledge through interesting tasks, games
and questions answers. Users can learn Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
and different languages with the assistance of talking activities and games. In
the event that a client has a notion of a language, he/she can start at a later
stage instead of from the earliest starting point

Download Link: Android App
Download Link: IOS App

02.  Scribd

Scribd books

is an American e-book and audiobook subscription service. About 60 million books,
documents are uploaded on it.
can be saved on mobile devices. Those who loved to read books and articles
this is the best app for them.

Some other books reading websites and Apps
  • Google play
  • Amazon
  • Wattpad
  • Goodreads
  • Oodles
    eBook Reader
  • Kobo
  • Aldiko

01. Kahoot

kahoot app image webofifno

is basically for Teachers and this come on the first number in our Education
related Apps list. This app can changed the boring class into a fun.  This app helps a teacher to motivate the
students by changing the classroom into a playground. The Get Kahoot site causes learning
fun as the instructors (Teachers) can set up certain Quiz and answers and the
application changes them into a playable games with the assistance of an internet
beginning the game, the understudies need to download the Kahoot application and
this can be utilized as a signal for responding to the inquiries structured by
the educator.

Download Link: Android App
Download Link: IOS App

List of Educational Apps Android, Ios

09. Google
Assistant, Siri, Cortana & Alexa,
08. Khan
06. Easy Bib,
My Study Life,
04. MS
Office Mobile App,
02.  Scribd,

01. Kahoot,

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